Wednesday’s Wonders

Toppers Tuesday was so extended yesterday that I had to wait until today to write this silly blog. The conversation was about who won the GNRS and why not a traditional car with steel wheels. That will never happen with the GNRS. Glitz is the name of the game. If one is good, then two is better and several are the best. This year’s winner was over the top with glitz and billet. Design was O.K., quality was there but I am not sure what these cars are all about. I will take a SO-CAL or Brizio built hiboy any day over one of these million dollar cars. I can’t afford either one but sure do enjoy looking at them. Here are some more cars from the show.

Stay Tooned!



2008 AMBR, Hand built Deuce Hiboy with lots of glitz. Not my style but very well executed.


Side profile showing display and more glitz.


Real world, Brookville 3 window with 2 1/2 inch chopped and a filled roof. Another $10K.


Don Orosco’s period correct deuce with Riley heads. This was the winner in my book.


JJ’s perfect SO-CAL built 5 window. These is a sweet hot rod with a Nailhead.


I remember when this was first shown. Barris Ala Kart, now owned by John Mumford and redone by Brizio.


This was a very nice example of something new built from a Shadow Rod 27 T body. Except for the wheels this was a super nice example of something new. Hemi powered.



Otis’s deuce sedan. This was patterned after his roadster. Note the fire started right about his car and the building was evacuated. You don’t suppose the flames started it do you.

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