Wednesday’s Wonders

My company should arrive in a few hours and we will start off “Roadster Week” with some magnificent Southern California weather. I had to take Bob-O over to pickup his coupe that he just had freshened up with some new paint and detail work. He is planning on taking Dave (who is from Australia) to the show on Friday. Dave purchased his 40 coupe from Bob-O last year and has brought his family to the City of Angeles for a vacation. It is always fun to meet people from other countries who share the love of the Hot Rod. I know he won’t be disappointed with the LARS as there is nothing like it that I have seen.

I plan to spend at least two days at the show and maybe I will go back out on Sunday for one last look. Sunday is a good day with less people and some breathing room. Mr. Bob is taking some of his cars to the preferred parking area and he and a couple of thousand more cars will share the large Fairground parking lot. I spend most of my time in this area and the swap meet which is always full of hard to find items for early Fords.

For those of you who couldn’t make it this year, I will try to capture the mood with photos.

Happy Father’s Day!

Stay Tooned!


Here is a hint of the neat stuff that will be in the swap meet area. Kennedy Boys chop and stock chassis. Chris always has the good stuff so bring your big check book.

The chop looks perfect and the Kennedy Boys do super high quality work. I don’t have any garage space left but maybe I could use some of Bob-O’s back 40 for storage.

It looks like the hard work has been done. I would add some red oxide primer and give Sam a run for his money.

I am looking forward to seeing Cory’s hiboy with its new top and interior.

I hope there are several sedans in the preferred parking area for me to dream about.

Roadsters are everywhere you look. The layout is different but the roadsters still dominate the show.

If you like quality fabrication then you need to stop over at SO-CAL for a look at some of the best metal work on the West Coast.

While you are there roam the parking lots and streets for some really neat roadsters like this red oxide beauty.

On Saturday the swap meet will be full of treasures like this one. Don’t expect any deals on these project cars as they command big dollars at the LARS.

I like to roam the lines on Friday for a look at what is going to be inside the swap meet. How about a 34 sedan delivery from CO!

You may even find a nice full fendered  Deuce sedan waiting in line. Note the Greyhound on the radiator cap. I had one on my 3 window in the 70’s.

Today’s Roadster!

If you are hardcore then you will fall in love with this prewar roadster. That is Winfield’s truck in the background.

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