Wednesday’s Wonders

Today, I will update the Projects and For Sale sections.  To view, click on the titles and they will direct you to the respective pages.  It will take me some time to fill the pages so check back at least once a week.  Also if you are having any problems navigating the site please let me note in the comment box.

Here are some more photos for your enjoyment.

Stay Tooned!


Tim has always had a selection of Deuces to drive in his garage.  Here is a wonderful looking 4-door that he acquired a few years ago.  Four doors are being built by several of my friends so they can haul the grandkids to breakfast on Sunday.  Note the early Mustang steering.

The show provides lots of examples of roadster tops that you can copy.  This is Bob McGee’s roadster that has the top I really like.  In fact, I love the whole car as it was way ahead of its time in the early days of hot rodding.

I fell in love with this stock looking 5 window coupe.  I have always loved the stock look with a little hot rod flavor.  That is Walker Morrison’s hiboy in front of the coupe.

If you like stock looking interiors in your hot rod this 5 window had a perfect example of the current trend.  Mohair and woodgraining make it different.  The dash panel is very nice and showing up more and more on the coast.  Very pricey to restore but worth it if you want something other than the common 5/6 gauge panel.

My friend Ed has his RPU number 1 in the show.  He was the driving force behind the first Brookville body.  He selected a big Ford motor for power but it should be noted that it takes a lot gas to drive this beauty to the Donut shop on Saturdays.

Dan’s super black 3 window was the first car in show entrance and deserved the spot.  Note the exspensive Pines Winter front.

I did find a building with some 40 Fords on display.  Keep in mind this is a car show so the displays are part of the game.  Ford offered a Red in 1940 and this stock looking standard was really very nicely done.  How about a building full of 1940 Fords for next year?

The Winter Nationals are this week at Pomona so I thought I would show you  a drag 40 coupe.  I remember these from US 30, Alton and Indy during my early years in attending drag races in Illinois and Indiana.

The RPU had all the neat stuff you could think of and was a one-off everywhere you looked.  I don’t know the owner now but the car was built back east and was a recent feature in SRM.

Today’s Favorite

Paul and Richard had the primo spot showcasing very traditional styled hot rods.  Both builders are masters at simplicity .  The sedan delivery was made from a sedan.

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