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The excitement of Christmas always puts people in a good frame of mind and allows them to concentrate on the good things in life during December and postpones the stress items until January. I have been out shopping for presents and I really enjoy the people at the Malls. Everyone is trying to find the perfect present to give and they will go from store to store until they find what they are looking for. I sort of relate the experience to walking the rows of swap meet isles until I find the perfect Deuce or Forty part. As I look back over the year, I can recall searching for several items for my delivery and also looking for some specific cars. Thanks to some careful shopping I was able to locate my perfect presents. I hope all of you are out enjoying the season and getting ready for a great family get together and have your perfect present stored under the hot rod until Christmas Eve. I am headed out again this afternoon so I will make it short today. Happy Holidays!

Stay Tooned!


Christmas Ideas for the Hot Rodder

My friend George has been building a wall hanger from original Deuce parts he had laying around his large shop. Every piece on the wall is genuine Deuce nothing is reproduction. I would like one of these in my shop if I could afford it. George is very talented when it comes to building things and this piece should be in a living room it is so perfect.

Here is the layout for the wall hanger. George is a perfectionist and this is the way goes about all of his projects. I will take one in Winterleaf Brown.

George is a Deuce collector and here is a photo of some of his toys. The chassis is for his sedan delivery which is nearing completion. Gary and I think you should install spots in the ceiling to enhance the wall hanger.

Tom flagged down his neighbor who just purchased himself an early Christmas gift. I think Santa got mixed up as he was supposed to leave the 40 woody at my house. It was # 1 on my list I sent to him.

I also have a Deuce tudor on my list. Now I prefer a done one but will settle for a body as shown below.

Now with the sawsall I could make it a nice highboy sedan for my grandson. Lots of work has been done on this one. I just need to add one of Jitney’s new chassis and be on my way.

This was last Christmas at my house when some of the neighbors stopped by to do some bench racing. The delivery now lives in CO. where it is cold and snowy. Santa may bring it to me next year.

You need to give the grandkids a ride over the holidays to keep the flame burning. Three widow Larry built one fine Deuce.

Maybe a project would be a good gift from the wife. Santa knows where lots of these are. Bob has a garage full of them with a few extra out back in the yard.

Today’s Perfect Gift!

Still one of my favorites is this one built by SO-CAL a few years ago. Perfect in every way for me.

Pete has built a world wide business with his Traditionalist Parts business and roady ready hot rods.

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