Wednesday’s Woes

I called Bob and asked if he had any driveshafts in his inventory.  He made a quick check and indicated that he had several.  I stopped by the “Office” to see if anyone else had a drive shaft and no one had any.  I stopped at Bobs and selected a nice one from a Chevelle which cut be cut down to the correct length.  The front GM yoke is the long one and will have to be replaced with the short one for the GM 350 transmission.  Locating a used shaft will save me some money and provide years of good service.  I need to secure an accurate measurement now that all the components are in place and in a static position.  I normally leave about 1 inch clearance for the movement of the rear end.  I will head out this afternoon and pickup some more parts for Lucy’s operation.

I have been following Bobby’s progress on his Deuce sedan Hiboy and received some photos of the painted body this morning.  He is moving right along with the car and it will be stunning when done.  I also have been following a certain patina 40 coupe that has changed hands and is now located real close to me.  I first saw the car on Craigslist and talked to the owner.  He was asking more than market and finally came down to the correct number and sold it.  The car is now on eBay and I will be anxious to see if the car brings the money.  It is a perfect project 40 coupe even for the money he is asking so I am sure someone will snap it up.  Buying a car that has been advertised for a long time and trying to turn it immediately doesn’t always work but sometimes the right buyer sees the potential and will buy the car and maybe try to sell it again.  If you are in the flipping category make sure you buy a good car not an average car, or you may not meet your expectations.  I was in the business for 40 years and made lots of mistakes in not really looking at the car and the market. Personal desire sometimes makes the brain do funny things.

Stay Tooned!


Here is Bobby’s fresh Deuce sedan with a new coat of Ferrari Fly Yellow paint.

I would love to follow this down PCH to have lunch in Santa Barbara.  This body has a true “Mail Slot” rear window.  The paint looks terrific.

I was driving around yesterday looking for parts and ran across the slick 56 BBW pickup.  The car has a lot of curb appeal with the black paint and whitewall tires. The stance was right on the money for a pickup.

The interior was nice and fit the theme of the truck.

The bed was finished off in new wood with stainless strips.  I would need a cover to haul my junk.  The truck was outside in a parking lot in town.  I always have my camera ready for finds like this.

Dave needs to consider building a nice FH for Bob O’s coupe. Here is a beauty sporting dual carbs and lots of bling.

A Vern Tardell FH in a super CMG coupe that Denny just finished.  Powermaster offers the generator/alternator for about $450.

A high end 8BA FH that uses a 4 barrel for performance.  The alternator looks out of place to some folks but works great.

Monnich Embroidery has completed work for my new line of wearables.  He is leaning toward the red and silver look which looks good to me.

Today’s find….dreaming!

I took a chance and drove out to look at this 41 SD which has been sitting outside for many years.  The car was real solid except for the back door and cut firewall.  I have some stock firewalls for a future project.  Owner’s often ask big dollars for their “Babies” but seldom come close to their asking price.

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