Wednesday’s Woes

Rain today and cool temperatures in the LA area. I am taking it easy as I found out drilling all those holes in the bones did not do my bones any good. I will heal but maybe a nice pair of P&J hairpins will do the job without the work required for the bones. My time sitting is limited so today’s rhetoric will be short. Resting gives me plenty of time to catch up on my reading of the latest Goodguys and Street Rodder. Not much early iron in these publications but enough to keep me subscribing. See you on Friday.

Stay Tooned!



From the Garage


My friend George built a nice Deuce chassis with a flathead and S-10 transmission. Note he used two K-members as he has several in inventory.


He is using coil-overs with a Winters QC (not installed) and 40 axle housings. The Crossmember is from P&J’s. He milled slots in the jig uprights so he could adjust the width.


I like when the garage project is this far along. In my case this takes a couple of years.

 Front Brake Ideas


Drilled after market Lincoln brakes look nice and cam be purchased as shown.


Here is another version for you guys that like scoops and high gloss black.


If you must have disc brakes then adapt a 40 backing plate to cover the set-up.


Haze has some net items for the 40 backing plate that look good but are pricey.


If you like holes then you would love these F250 brakes.

Picture 081

Here is the same plate with no holes and a Buick drum. Many more ideas are available but I think you get the picture from these. To me the 40 backing plate is the best looking of the lot.



I received lots of comments on the chassis under Jim’s woody and thought you might like to see how the body sits on Ryan’s chassis. The car will be a shade of Blue.


I don’t know whose is starting on this project but I like the parts I see.

 Hot Rods

Speedorama 06 005

This one was made from a coupe and turned out very nice. The 37 hood sides are being used a lot on model 40 hoods.


Stock height hiboys look good also. I like the black frames with Washington Blue bodies.


CMG is my favorite color on a 40. This sedan with the standard front end is the perfect Hot Rod. Drive this one anywhere and ride in style. Comfort is required in my old age.


This cutie would attract attention anywhere she went. A rather small cockpit — so my trips would be limited to the “Office”.


This modern day woody has all the creature comforts plus some amazing wood work and finishing.

Today’s Photo 


Taken my years ago at Bonneville by George is this rare photo of Doane’s car along side Dave Gales clone. Dave owned Just-A-Hobby which specialized in fabricated frame rails for the industry. Lobeck later purchased the company.

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