Wednesday’s Wishes

The time has come to choose the final car color for the exterior which will make selecting all of the other colors easier. My wife tried to help me today and we still couldn’t agree on a color that would look good for the wheels and interior once we selected the exterior color. The choices have varied over the past year from Black or Maroon to Cloud mist Gray or Folkstone Gray. I even painted the maroon and black on the side panel to see how I liked them. I think the color selection is the most important selection you have in building a car. If you make the wrong selection you won’t be happy with the car. I am not good with colors but my friend Gary has the eye for color and his SD is painted CMG so I want something different on mine. I hope to have it resolved this week as I need to paint the wheels prior to mounting the tires. Decisions, decisions…..

We are planning a Tuesday Trip next week and Don is in charge of the logistics and route selection. Dave indicated that he wants to go also so we should have a great turnout for our TT. Toppers is a little slow in the summer so riding in the hot rods will be something fun and exciting.

August is vacation month and I plan on going to the Santa Barbara Woody meet and P-town. I also may cruise out to the NHRA Twilight Cruise tomorrow afternoon. I will see if I can move up my dentist appointment to an earlier time. More decisions….I might as well be back at work.

Stay Tooned!


Tim built this Folkstone Gray delivery with maroon wheels and the wife likes the look of this combination. I am not sure but the color is very subtle and commercial looking.

The grand kids need to start early to enjoy the Woody passion. I will get one of these model cars for Andre.

The color is Yosemite Green and looks good against the blonde wood. Maybe this could work on the delivery.

I ran into this on Craigslist tonight and it looks good to me. Maybe drop the front and drive the wheels off it. The car is green in color. Maybe a stock Glade green would look nice.

Rex Rogers is a talented man and is building this stock Deuce chassis using some neat rear legs that add the much needed rigidity to the stock chassis. Rex works at Custom Auto in CO.

This view shows the legs that bolt in and the rear transmission mount for your T-5.

Seabright Hot Rods builds some very traditional cars. This is their latest project. See their site for full details.

Whose roadster is this? A milestone roadster that has one of its earlier paint jobs.

Frank likes 36 coupes and this SRM feature car is one of the best recent builds on the coast.

 Today’s Roadster!

Rodger Bell (old 99) builds my kind of car. I have this photo on my garage wall so I can remind myself what a traditional roadster looks like. Flathead powered and beautiful.

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  1. Lynn–pls send your email address and Monnich’s too–my computer went haywire–THX Tim

  2. From the looks of the wishbone attatchments that
    is Tom McMullens roadster. “DidIWin”?

  3. Lynn, Please don’t overlook the early Volkswagon colors, a lot of them look like they came out of the Ford Paint can.

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