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Sometimes our Tuesday luncheons at the Hook are very useful for diagnosing problems with our Hot Rods. As I have mentioned previously, I suspected a leaky transmission cooler but was unable to locate any leaks. Today at lunch, Dave suggested that the filmy looking fluid that is being thrown all over the engine compartment may be coming from the radiator overflow tube which does not have an overflow tank installed. The suggestion makes sense, so I am on to the next trail and error solution to my ongoing saga with the splatter in the engine compartment. I have several choices for the overflow tank and will need to do a little research to determine which style is best suited for Pepe. I have seen the long cylindrical unit attached to the overflow side of the radiator and many other styles but never have installed one in my cars. The whole theory of the overflow catch tank is to prevent coolant from being dispersed into the atmosphere when the water is expanding during elevated temperatures. It is sure worth a try. It always pays to listen to long time hot rodders who have had the same problem and solved it. I will let you know it that was the problem.

Elsewhere in the country, the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Ky is this week and is always a huge attraction for enthusiast from across the country. I haven’t been in years but know people who have not missed one event in Louisville. Rain is always present in Louisville and I hope it bypasses them this year. The ever popular club tents will be sprawling the Fairgrounds to protect the participants from the rain. Exhibitors do well when it rains and the air conditioned buildings provide relief from the rain and heat. Tough scarifies are hard on  the folks but they don’t seem to mind. My days in Louisville were as a GM employee who worked with Boyd on selling GM Trucks and Parts through our dealership in Los Angeles. I sponsored a truck and trailer and worked the booth with Boyd and Dick. Boyd’s cars were always well received and that lead to the Halo effect for our products. Today the “smooth look” is no longer the look desired by most builders but some of Boyds old cars still attract a crowd when displayed. He was always way ahead of the curve in his builds. His early passing made him a legend at an early age. I miss him and his creative mind and sense of humor. Some of his early and later builds are featured today. I am happy to see his son carrying on some of his work.

Stay Tooned!


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Boyd’s son, Chris, has redone a Boydster to the original style with new wheels.


Boyd would add his look to anything a customer would suggest as shown by this tudor Woody built for a Buick dealer friend of mine.


When the nostalgia theme became popular, Boyd built a traditional hiboy with his touches.


Originally red, this 33 built for Jamie in Tx was an instant hit with me.


He followed with a Chip Foose designed Wescott 33 that was a beautiful built roadster for Dave Sydorick. Motor Trend tested both the new version and Bruce Meyer’s traditional roadster against the new Prowler to see how they compared in various areas of performance and handling.


The scared Deuce Woody was also attacked by Boyd for Don Smith. Lots of modifications to the cowl made it not so boxing looking.


The popularity of the phaeton prompted Boyd to build this sample with his touches.


In his final years he built several 1940 Fords for customers like this convertible for Michael Anthony.


Larry Murray was a good customer of Boyds and had this roadster built using a Wescott body. Walt now has this one back in his fleet and will be putting miles on this beautiful roadster.


Larry also had Boyd built him an AMBR contender. Thom Taylor design.


Mega Car Dealer Wes Rydell also enlisted Boyd talents to built this 50 Chevrolet.


Noted Cadillac designer Larry Erickson worked on several projects with Boyd.


Boyd loved the 29 Ford body style and built several from scratch using Marcel and Sons.


Boyd’s Silver Bullet was influenced by Little John’s 29 roadsters.


I hauled this one to SEMA for the big show.


Boyd’s “Rat Rod” effort!


One year at the LARS several of Boyds builds gathered together for this famous shot. He truly was a master of marketing and innovative designs in his career. He won numerous awards for his builds.

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