Wednesday’s Winter Woes

I sure feel for those folks who have endured a wild Winter this year. Record snow fall and sub-zero temperatures are all across the country. I lived in the Boston area for a few years and worked in downtown Boston. The Winters were brutal for us car guys. I was fortunate enough to have a nice heated basement that served as a workshop for building my Lobeck wannabe roadster. I labored in that basement every weekend during the cold spells and when spring came moved the project into the garage. I had been transferred there from Chicago which had one of the coldest Winters on record in 1979 — but Boston was really cold in my mind. I used to wonder what it would be like to live in California but my next job was in Minneapolis which was also a very cold place in the Winter. I did manage to build both a 3 window coupe and Phaeton during my couple of years in the state but soon, I finally had my opportunity to move to LA in the early 80’s. My wife and I visited LA for the first time and while far from our roots in IL, we loved the weather and the beaches of southern California. I quickly fell into the car scene and became involved in working with most of the big names in the street rod industry. GM allowed me to promote the new body style 88 GMC pickup with such names as Boyd, Chuck and Roy. Our business thrived and the parts business more than double over the course two years.

Warm weather was where my family and I belonged. All of us are still here and loving it! If we want to experience the cold Winters we can drive for and hour and be in Big Bear for some skiing in the morning and surfing in the afternoon. We endure some horrendous traffic in our journeys but the climate makes it all worth the hassle of driving the freeways of LA. I know many of you can’t wait until spring to start driving your hot rods and I share you desire and pain. My advice is to keep your garage warm and work on your rides until that time comes. Time flies by and soon you will forget the Winter of 2015 and remember the summer fun on the road in your hot rod.

Stay Tooned!



The Deuce Guy has finished his new phaeton and has it out for a test drive in Sunny MN. He is a brave man. Notice that he is the only person in the car. Lonely life — Dale. I love the car but will wait until June for my ride.


Sometimes the Winter months allow you to accomplish something in your garage. This one looks interesting to me. Those front bones look long.


Cory, in cold MI, was able to install new gauges in his beautiful Deuce hiboy roadster. I love these large gauges and have seen several sets lately. Are they remaking these?


Gary had his delivery in the Sacramento show and wowed the crowds with his Sherm’s Special delivery.


Gary also had this Boyd built B-400 on display. Gary completely went through this car and made it a show winner. This is not the first one Boyd built for Jamie.


This photo shows the look I love on the B-400. Gary knows 32’s.


Bad Boys are still running on the streets where it is warm. What’s not to like about a hot rod on the street?


This is where the movement for street driven hot rods began — on the dragstrip where you could let her go.


This AMBR contender was a favorite at this year’s show. It was called the 34/5 due to the 35 fenders installed on the body.


The car was very well designed,engineered and required extensive metal work.


Gabe did the interior and as usual, was top drawer. The design fit the style of the car.


On the other side of the spectrum is this little roadster making it in the snow. He is having fun in his hot rod.


When I was young this was the set-up I preferred, but now I need more comfort than style.


I like this one with torsion bar suspension front and rear. The QC is a must for some “Looks”.

Wednesday’s Winter Rides


For those of you in the warm climates — how about a nice “Fat Girl” for the day.


When it’s cold outside you might want the warmth of a 34 hiboy sedan — just add the snow plow.

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