Wednesday’s Wild Deuces

The San Diego Deuce Day was this past weekend in Escondido, CA and Phil sent along some photos by Bob M of the event. Someday, I will make it down there and see all the Deuces that show up. We used to have a Deuce Day in the LA area, but I don’t believe there has been one recently. We have Forty Ford Day but I think the LARS has all the Deuces you could ever want to see in one place and for a couple of days. Deuces and Forties shows are my two favorites to attend. I would also like to see a model 40 show but I doubt that will ever happen. The Deuce continues to dominate the Hot Rod world for both young and old enthusiasts around the world. For me, that is a good thing and I hope the love affair continues for many more years to come.

The fall brings out the best of weather for holding an outdoor event as well as a cruising event such as our “Back Road Boys” Journey to Malibu coming up in a couple of weeks. The leaves will be turning, the weather will be brisk and hopefully the roadsters can go topless for the tour. Driving your Hot Rod, enjoying the day on the road with good friends, and celebrating life is well worth the effort.

Thought for the day — Happiness is enjoying life as it is — not what you think it should be.

Stay Tooned!




This sedan has been around for many years and has the race car look of the 60’s.


The favorite model of many Deuce louvers is the  three window coupe. Big and little’s provide a nice rubber rake.


Same owner since 1955 drove a crowd favorite to the show. I love to read about and see these treasures being brought to life.


B/G was a fairly strong class at the time. I was a big fan of C/G cars.


Of course, roadsters dominated the show as they always do. This beauty had some different features than most. Looks familiar!!


Rick had his much photographed Deuce beauty at the show. This car always attracts a crowd due to the color coordination and stance by Ryan Reed. This is your former red roadster makeover into a Rodder’s Journal cover car.


Yes, Deuces do come with fenders and sometimes in all white with maroon wheels and interior.


Rich, from our gang, made it down to the show in his modern Deuce hiboy roadster with lots of trick items. A Dearborn Deuce body with a Roadster Shop chassis and sheet metal work make it a winner.


Thanks for the great show and all of your work. See you next year.

Wednesday’s Deuce

MOSS32 07

Don has transformed Lynn’s old Deuce roadster into another winner from his garage. He has a build style all of his own. He added the 3″ chopped top and new cloth. Nice photo in the highlands of Prescott, AZ where the Deuce lovers settled in over the past few years.

Equal Time for a Model 40 roadster


Germany has picturesque settings for a beautiful roadster.





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