Wednesday’s Weekend Warriors

If you drive your Hot Rods often, then you know that reliability is a major concern prior to heading out for a weekend. I call these style cars “Weekend Warriors”. If you have more than one Hot Rod then you probably have a favorite for the long road trips. Normally this car is a proven driver, not prone to breakdowns, comfortable on the road and still presents itself well in the crowd. We keep them in full tune and well preserved in our garages so we can jump in them and go without worrying about being left on the side of the road. Breakdowns are inevitable, but when you maintain the car the frequency is minimal over the years of ownership. My point is that most of us know where the potential problems are located but put off corrected the problem until the incident occurs. For example, the starter has been acting up, the ignition switch is loose, the brake pedal goes almost to the floor and the list goes on but the repair invades our minds due to other distractions such as – “no time”. 

My advice to all of you heading the LA from any where is to fix the potential problems now and enjoy the trip with the burden of breakdown packed in you suitcase not your mind. I am heading out the garage to repair my speedometer which has been broken forever.

Enjoy the Memorial Day holiday driving your trouble free Hot Rod.

Stay Tooned!



Bob-O and Bob-E are both building 40 Ford trucks. The cab wood platform is not visible from this perspective but the cab sits on an all wood base atop the frame rails.

Here is a nice photo of a 1940 Ford truck chassis with cab and bed wood installed. The wood makes the chassis flat for mounting the body. Bob ordered his from C&G in Escondido, CA.

A chopped sedan delivery is hard to pull off but this one looks about right. Lots of wood is used in these cars also.

Steve will be driving his fresh roadster to LA for the big show. A true classic hiboy always is in style with me. This is a Henry body and chassis.

He has kept the traditional style alive by using an old Halibrand with early Ford bells.

Primer is good in the preferred parking area. Large rear tires are rare in today’s bias tire trend for the traditional built roadster.

Louie took a nice photo of Wayne’s killer coupe last weekend.

I am a big fan of the model 40 sedan also. Striping is very bold on the rear panel.

Another black Deuce sedan is going together and has the right attitude for a full fendered ride.

A more “Age Appropriate” ride for me would be this classic 39 convert. I would add the rubber running covers and be done.

 Wednesday’s Weekend Hauler!

Bob-E would be smart to follow this build style — which is almost stock.


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