Wednesday’s Weather

Rain and more rain, therapy in the pool, water everywhere today. I just returned from the Physical Therapist and had a very strenuous workout in the pool. You see water reduces the pain, until you come home and then….look out. This is comparable to riding in a roadster for 500 miles while it is raining and then trying to get your body back in shape for the BS in the lounge at night. Hot tubs do wonders.

The conversation today was about 40 coupes and the recent rise in the cost of acquiring a good core to build a nice street rod or stocker. In the past, coupes were available for under $10K and sedans were free. Today, a nice project car in LA goes for $25K and it needs everything. Sedans will bring $15 – $20K for a nice rust free example. Economics 101 class taught me that supply is everything provided there is a demand. The demand can either be real or perceived. Most sellers perceive the value of their 40 coupe as mega $$$$’s, while the buyer wants to be realistic and make a much lower offer. What do you do?

If you watch ebay, you will see that the seller re-lists his treasure over and over hoping to find that ass for every seat story I told you. Sometimes it works, but when a car is listed more than once, the seller is probably having someone bid his car up to near his reserve hoping to find a customer. The price a car reaches on ebay sort of sets the mood for the buyer who was willing to pay much more, but due to the low bidding price, has second thoughts about paying too much. A phone call can sometimes get you a better price than bidding.

The pain is kicking in so I will step down off the bucket until tomorrow.

Lets look at some cars.

Stay Tooned!

Friday will feature George’s Deuce Sedan Delivery project.


A little line at this years GNRS. I avoided the line and walked right in the two open gates.


Nice 40 coupe stock with axle, hot flathead (aren’t they all]. $45K


High $$$ 40 coupe that was trying to look like something else. $85K


Old 40 coupe that many talented people worked on. Fat Jack, Steve Davis, CSR, etc. Sold for $38K a few years ago. Now would bring $65K.


Eastwood’s New Years HCC meet in Pasadena. In the dirt white smooth 40. $65K



Tom’s nearly finished 40 coupe…perfect. Estimated asking price $150K.

I rest my case. Take your choice.

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