Wednesday’s Weather Worries

We have been blessed with 80-90 degree weather this week so the roadsters are heading for Pacific for some great roadstering along our famous coast. The warm weather and sunshine brings out the roadsters and Woodies to cruise the waters edge and enjoy a nice lunch at a nearby restaurant. This weekend is our Doheny Beach Woodie show which should be well attended due to our weather forecast for sun. There is something about driving any kind of car on the coast but doing so in a Hot Rod is just plain exhilarating. We plan to meet our group for breakfast then move into the beach area for a fun day with woodie owners. The older I become the more I enjoy the driving to and from the event all in one day rather than an overnight stay that Jane and I have done for years. I guess sleeping in your own bed as something to be thankful for the aging.

The good news is my rear door is ready to be picked up tomorrow so I will be back in business. Thanks Scott. I also have made some progress on the chassis for Bob and should have it out of the jig by next week. I am not sure what will be next, maybe nothing or maybe a 1940 Chassis for a friend’s Woodie. I always need to keep busy in the garage. I have a complete fresh 327 that he wants and a 700r4 which will require some frame modifications. I guess the engineer in me still likes to build things in the garage….you know the symptoms.

Just keep in mind that each day you delay having fun in your Hot Rod is one you will never see again….get out there with your friends and enjoy life driving the “Back Roads” of this country.

Stay Tooned!



Life is Good when you drive a Hot Rod!!


The Central Coast Roadsters had their outing on this perfect roadster day along the coast.


They stopped for a photo at the Pieadras Blancas area for this shot. Thanks Mike for the photo. We will see your group soon.


Poor Bill left FL too early thinking he could start cruising in Nova Scotia.


Gene captured this beautiful shot in the fall in MN.


Frank is out enjoying his roadster at Bob’s Big Boy on Friday nights. He has a new top for our tours.


Chick is everywhere in his roadster and participates on all the local cruises. Randy owns the Moon disc equipped sedan.


A perfect shot of the Iconic Deuce Roadsters driving down the road.


You may even drive to TX for the LSR and stop at the IN-N-OUT for lunch. Dick did!


Sometimes Woodie owners venture out under some scary looking skies.


Dave and his buddy were in some lonely places on their venture to TX for the LSR.


Enjoying the Beach is always a great way to spend the day. You just feel good when you are with your friends enjoying life.


We seem to relax prior to lunch as we have devoured all of Lorraine’s cookies.


I feel sorry for some parts of the country where winter is still close by.


Driving your roadster to Coffee and Cars is always a nice way to start off the weekend.


Doheny is a great place for the Woodies to congregate and enjoy the beach.


Jane and Walt looking over the 40 Woodie at Dana Point in October which is always a little cooler.

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