Wednesday’s Weather

The balmy weather had all of us dreaming about roadsters today, in fact, Dave drove his phaeton to Toppers to show us closed car guys what real men drive. Mid 70’s weather, balmy skies and lots of sunshine make most hot rodder’s smile — today was no exception. Many families are preparing for the holiday next week and we all discussed where we were headed. My wife and I are headed to the Bay Area to be with our children as were some of the other guys. It seems family time is the most important during the holidays. We finally discussed the 40 is 75 display at the GNRS in January. I am finalizing the list of cars that will be on display and it should be a nice tribute to one of Henry’s favorite cars for Hot Rodders. If you are coming to the show make sure you check out this special display. I am not sure what building we will be in, but I will know soon.

The winter months provide lots of garage time for those who have heaters and insulation. Many projects are started and completed during this time period so what are you waiting for?

Stay Tooned!




You didn’t need a jacket today to drive your phaeton to Toppers. I just finished rubbing out the side panels and applying a coat of wax to protect it during the winter months.


Bob-O sold his roadster so drives his Deuce most of the time when its nice weather like today.


I know some of you are experiencing inclement weather but some of you pull out the hot rod and go for a photo session. Breathtaking isn’t it!


Others had enjoyed the fall and took one last ride in the roadster prior to the recent early snow fall. It is nice to see a blue roadster for a change.


Foose was the first one to add the much needed extension of the drip rail on 40-41 sedan deliveries. Sutde lights don’t look bad in the narrow fenders.


If you want to be the coolest guy on campus then a chopped Merc is the answer. This car is straight and beautiful.


The 37 woody makes a beautiful ride and Hercules can build you a brand new one like this.

Roys 11-15-2014 028

Here is another shot of Scott’s shoebox that Roy built. Very subtle and very nice!

Roys 11-15-2014 026

This view is what I always liked about the coupe. Sweet color choice and a Sid’s interior make this car a standout.

Roys 11-15-2014 056

Roy builds Ardun head powered Deuce as if they were SBC’s. They seem to fit fairly well under the hood.

Roys 11-15-2014 037

I have been to Roy’s shop when there wasn’t at least one hiboy going together. This one is special and will be in the GNRS in January.

Roys 11-15-2014 060

Roy has also built his share of the Dearborn Deuce. Here is another one going together with a traditional style.

Wednesday’s Model 40

Roys 11-15-2014 054

Scott has another coupe going together at Roy’s complete with an Ardun head equipped flathead.

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