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The East coast is really taking a beating this winter and California has seen some cold spells they haven’t experienced in a while, but today is perfect.  The sun is shining and the roadsters are running around thinking it is summer.  I am working outside on Andre and just came in to do today’s blog.  It is wonderful that sunshine still inspires to me to work on my cars.  The warm weather really makes me feel good and happy.  Today’s project was to cut the steering arms off the 40 spindles.  I used a chop saw and cut them off close to the boss and then ground them smooth on the belt sander.  I hope to install the steering arms tomorrow if the sun shines.

Bob O called and he too was inspired and re-did his front spring on his 40 truck.  You may recall that he broke the Mono-Leaf spring and I gave him a stock spring which he re-did and it turned out way too low.  Now he is on his third spring from Ron and it turned out perfect.  A stock spring with reversed eyes on a Magnum axle works the best.  I still use a Mono-Leaf to mock up the front end prior to installing the stock spring as above.  I will check out the stance and take a photo tomorrow.  The wife is going away tomorrow so I have the whole day to visit some shops and pick up some parts.  What more could a man ask for?

Stay Tooned!


Lou had a great idea with the 57 325 Hemi.  If I could find one I might put one in Andre.  Tom is putting one in his 40 truck.

This is the start of a chop on a nice clean 40 truck.  Note step to keep rear window stock height.

Roy entered this delivery in the first GNRS held in Pomona.  The 39 headlights and smooth bumpers were done to create a different look on this BRG delivery.  The Sid’s interior was one of his better ones in a delivery.  Baseball stitching was used on the bucket seats.

Larry was known for his 40 Fords and this pristine example was for sale for quite some time.  It was in Atlanta when I lived there in the 70’s.

Lou’s delivery was a 1941 Ford standard as you can see from the grille.  Some folks same the fenders are different but I have yet to find a difference in the 3 I have owned.

The fellow claimed this was a one off “95 Special” and had the chrome on the front fenders and a 95 in front of the Ford script on the rear of the hood.  I don’t think so!The spot light is a common option on commercial trucks and I am glad Andre didn’t have one….one more hole to fill.

Harvey still has this one stored away in his garage waiting for a revival.  It has been there for over 30 years.

Harvey also has this cherry pie 34 roadster sitting behind his garage.  I have the chassis from this one under my 33 roadster with paper work.  He won’t sell the roadster or the delivery.  Smart man.

Sometime it pays to look in the storage yards to find your dream 40 coupe.  This is a local photo.

Today’s Tribute to Barry….he built some Deuces to remember!

Barry built this clone of his first hiboy using a Wescott body and one of his chassis.  In reality this was a much better built car than his first one but his first one will always be “The One for me”.

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