Wednesday’s Weather

Enough is enough. The weather is really bad today. Snow, wind, rain, and lots of YUK! I was up early, stopped by Streetscene and headed for Orange County. The I 5 was a mess all the way down to the city. I turned off, had a cup of coffee and decided to head back home. Bob called and was cold and hungry so we went to Big Mac’s for pancakes. It seems he has been fitting his new Rootlieb hood to his roadster and wanted me to take a look. The overhead door was closed and the gas heater was really putting out the heat. The hood is coming out great, but the new Brookville Roadster body if full of bondo on the front quarters. I mean a 1/4 of an inch or more. Can this be right? He is going to call the company as he did not purchase it from them direct. I guess all bodies are meant to have bondo. I like Wescott and I don’t have to pretend it is steel. It is a lot straighter than a metal one. I will get comments on this. Oh well!

I hope to make it to OC tomorrow and view the 40 sedan that Steve lined up for me. Sounds nice. The delivery is on hold until after Christmas as the owner is off to Palm Springs for the holidays.

Since it is still very cold lets look at some 1940 Ford sedans that are big, roomy and very comfortable.

Happy Holidays.

Stay Tooned!



Nice 40 deluxe with white walls and a super stance. Color is black cherry.


40 standard with black walls and a super cloud mist gray paint job.


Here is a fully pleated interior in black. A little to much black for me.


Nice pleated interior, classic 40 with horseshoe design. Tan vinyl.


Nice black deluxe with red steelies. A classic for sure. Front and rear mono leafs give it the stance.


Maroon deluxe stock looking with complete TCI components attached by Dreamcars.

Dreaming at Bob’s house..circa 1873.


Maybe warmer tomorrow, so I will take the coupe. Hard to beat this picture at Bob’s house. I hope he is doing well today.

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