Wednesday’s Weakness

The morning air was hot and humid but still bearable as we rolled along the country side on our monthly Roadster Boy’s trip. I was riding shotgun with Bob and keeping him informed of his speed with my iPhone. His electric speedo doesn’t seem to work very well and our leader has a tendency to exceed the speed limits. Our plan was to stay in the mountains until we arrived at Deer Lodge and then head toward the Pacific Ocean for a cool ride home and some great ice cream at the Cone Store in the Harbor. The temperatures reached the high 90’s by the time we arrived for lunch and we were looking for a cold drink to quench our thirst. Don had called the owner ahead of time and he agreed to open up early if we arrived prior to 11:00 a.m., which we did. Deer Lodge was established in 1932 which has a significant ring to Deuce lovers. Don parked his Deuce in the first spot and the rest of us filled up the reaming parking spots in front of the Lodge. The restaurant is a popular motorcycle venue but today was for hot rods. Don turns 83 Saturday and was celebrating his first trip in his roadster since his hip replacement. He did just fine and will remember the trip as very hot and cool. The temperatures dropped to the low 60’s in the Harbor which meant the ice cream didn’t melt as we watched the Squid fisherman unload their boats. It was a long day but a good one enjoying what we do best…driving our hot rods.

One of our normal attendees couldn’t make the trip as he is headed to Goodguys in Des Moines, IA for a taste of the Midwest in the summer time. Johnny B. Good is his name and he is driving his 29 roadster with his buddy who flew out here from Ohio and is making the 5,000 mile round trip with him. Good luck guys and send me some photos. He will keep us updated on the HAMB. These guys are living large.

Have a safe weekend and I will see you on Monday.

Stay Tooned!


Deer Lodge is located on the outskirts of Ojai, CA and has been there since 1932 so Don took his spot with the only Deuce to show up this month.

Some of the roadster bunch drove their comfy sedans with the A/C on and then parked in the shade. The 39 belonged to his father who purchased the car new in 1939.

Bob and I parked in the sun and let the black leather seats become real toasty prior to leaving for the coast. A black car with black upholstery can sure be hot when temperatures reach the 100 degree mark. The car has a full independent suspension chassis which makes for a comfy ride but the no top makes it a bit breezy at 85 mph. Such is the life of a roadster driver.

When you are tired of building Deuces then why not try a Nova wagon to test your skills. Dick loves to build cars and thinks this is his last one but I doubt it. PPG Vanilla Shake is the color and it looks good on the wagon.

A full GM crate motor with nice detailing makes the little wagon a very nice cruiser. The front TCI clip improves the ride and handling for the back roads we take on our trips.

Some of our roadsters have roll up windows and A/C which is O.K. by me. The 80’s were filled with 37 Cabriolets.

Our weakness is ice cream parlors. We seem to stop at a different one each trip. Thanks guys for a wonderful day in the hot rods…The fire still burns in our old bellies.

The Gold Coast roadster boy’s have us outnumbered and we need to meet in Solvang for a North-South thing. Steve put this together for us. I will send you a list of our Dr. appointment schedules.

A new addition has stopped by Pewsplace!

A long time friend of Pewsplace became tired of the cold weather and moved back to LA. Details to follow. I now call her Ms Sunshine.

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