Wednesday’s Warriors

It seems that the folks who love to drive their cars are on the road this week heading to some special event. Many who have suffered through one of the worst Winters in recent times, are leaving the top at home and enjoying the open road. I have only done this a couple of times but the memories still linger in my mind. No matter how long you have driven your Hot Rod, your number one fear or anxiety is — breaking down on the road. I have been in those caravans and everyone is willing to assist you but you feel like you are holding up the group. Luckily with AAA your assistance is only a phone call away. Sometimes a loose wire connection or leaking transmission cooler will ruin your whole trip. Items such as QC, wheel bearings, radiator leaks are much harder to repair on the tour so make sure they are in top shape prior to leaving on the trip. A little time checking out the old girl will pay dividends later on.

My next road trip will be to the NSRA event in Bakersfield. The trip is only a short 90 miles away with the Grapevine the only real challenge to your destination. I need to check Pepe’s transmission cooler lines as they seep a little. I am sure I will locate some other areas that need attention while up on the rack at Fred’s. He is an expert mechanic and a former service writer, so you know he will find something.

If you are retired like me, go out in the garage and do some maintenance on your Hot Rod. If you are still working, then find some time in your busy schedule to fix the problems.

Stay Tooned!




Looks like the roadsters are on the road headed for some serious miles in those topless beauties. Looks like a Brizio roadster leading the pack.


World traveler Dennis is smiling driving his AMBR on the road trip. This car has one of Lil’John’s Hawk motors under the hood.


Bobby and Eugene and friend better head for the overpass as the sky looks like it is ready to drop some heavy rain. Bobby said he was building a new top for his orange 29.


A photo like the above is worth a thousand words and being there is priceless.


Stopped for a group photo on a road trip provides memories for the group for years to come.


For you flathead lovers here is a rare piece of history. I bet John has one in his inventory. Looks nicely restored and ready for some old hot rod.


The Central Coast Roadsters visited John Lawson’s massive collection of Fords. There were 67 in this one building with several more in adjacent buildings.


Here is a close up on a very nice tudor done up in black with Halibrands.


Bonneville is still a few months away but many are getting ready for a dry year in 2015. Troy and Tom had a hand in building this one.


Getting ready for the road trip means lots of checking to make sure you will have a nice safe trip. Cars this low are hard to work on while on the road, especially if you have to repair some item on the undercarriage.

Wednesday’s Road Warrior


Two of the Weekend Road Warriors on the road today are in Austin doing what they love. Andy and Roy are my heroes and super nice people.



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