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“Bonneville — Speedweek 2015 has been cancelled”


As I have stated many times in the past, “Energy Follows Focus” and this week I have expelled lots of energy in building my chassis. I am now at the stage where I need to design some front shock/headlight mounts that bolt in the stock fender brace holes in a 34 chassis. In the past, I have used the P&J tube mounts and welded a triangle plate to them so they could be bolted on the chassis. I like the design but they sit a little high, so I will make my own about 1 1/2″ lower. I am not sure — make versus buy is any less expensive, but you can have what you want by building your own. One of my assignments at GM was to do a study on this subject and the end result was it was far less expensive to purchase the parts than to manufacture them in house. Accountants always win at GM and the engineers start on another study. Sound familiar!

I truly love the chassis fabrication of building a Hot Rod and wish I had more tools to create my designs or those of others. A tubing bender is high on my list and I may step up for one that is hydraulic rather then muscle power. I can’t pull the handle with my damaged spine. I also would like a 20-ton H-press to do some dimple holes in my new boxing plates. The cost of these tools are minimal and make sense if you are building more than one chassis. For me, this is probably my last one, so I will pay Donnie to do the work and save money for Paint and Upholstery Jail! I am building my own rear ladder bars from a pair of 1940 rear trailing arms donated by my college buddy Chip. I like what the young Cory did on Darrel’s highboy and since the car has been driven and tested I know that the system works if you add the torque arms in the middle. I will be showing this set up later on in another post.

I am looking forward to our “Back Road Boys” Adventure to Solvang in August. Reaching our destination the hard way provides lots of challenges for all of us, but then — Life is never easy driving a Hot Rod. Be sure to wave if you see a group of old cars stopped along the road where most cars don’t travel.

Thought for the day —Push yourself to the max to reach your goals and you will succeed.

Stay Tooned!



The P&J combination shock/headlight mount with added bolt on plates make a nice look for the front of a model 40 hiboy.


Cory added a rear torque arm fabricated from a 46 rear wishbone combined and with the 40 lower trailing arms makes a nice strong set up with a traditional look. Again, purchasing P&J ladder bars is less expensive but you can’t get the look I’m after with store bought items. Old Ford parts seem to be in demand as the price for this stuff has really gone sky high.


Jesse is playing the guitar with some really cool looking ladder bars. Lots of work in making these but they will withstand all the torque that old nailhead can produce.


Louvers add to the early look on this very nice 3 window. This is a timeless design that I like.


A RPU with a little different approach with the race car look. Note the rear axle and wheels.


I am also going to make the rear tail light stands similar to those I made for “Lucy”. They stand out so they can be seen from the side by cars at night. Good GM training !


The hardest part of starting a new project is realizing that you just let one get away. When someone like Terry’s takes charge — the dreams comes true.


I am a happy camper when working in my garage. I am very fortunate to have a wife who works right along side me when asked to do so. Walt supplied the engine adjuster which makes engine installation much easier.


Terry’s grandson is enjoying driving “Lucy” and look at that smile. My grandson will be old enough to drive by the time I finish this one !


Speed 33 has lots of projects going at their shop. This high-tech beauty will soon be cruising the highways with the top down and enjoying the sunshine.


The Goodguys tour also snapped a photo of a more traditional style Speed 33 which belongs in my garage. Pepe would be jealous.


Building the top with the Duvall windshield was a fun project and thanks to my wife and Thom Taylor for assistance in making a stylish profile. Speedster look! I used 3/4 tubing, an electrician’s hicky and some muscle. No wood in the header — all metal which gave the trim shop fits.

Today’s Photo!


A long time friend and master Hot Rod builder, Henry Dana, has produced another “Dana Red” winner in his long line of beautifully executed traditional Hot Rods. Congratulations Henry !

Picture32 pickup, indy GG chlt 176 Picture32 pickup, indy GG chlt 175

Here are some photos of the truck ready for the “Dana Red” finish. Is your shop floor that clean !!!

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