Wednesday’s Wakeup

The Outrider’s Picnic is always the 3rd Sunday in September, the day after Wavecrest, but this year that is not true. The picnic is this Sunday the 14th. I didn’t look at the tickets and just assumed it was the same as always. My friend George called and said he was coming down for the picnic and was I going. I said sure but you are a week early. I am sure glad he called or I would have missed one of the premier events of the year. All is well, as my daughter is home and can really relax now that we will be gone. The weather is going to be over 100 degrees according to the weatherman but as they say, it is a dry heat. The venue is very shady and can be hot but the lake seems to cool things down as does the beer and wine. I am checking all the A/C controls and functionality of Pepe’s system to make sure we stay cool on the long trip down and back.

We had Black Tuesday at Toppers today and did a lot of talking about taking care of black paint. The conclusion was we need to live with the color until we paint it white or red. Black is just impossible to keep clean for long. Here are the black birds that showed up today.


The yellow always looks good but the black on these three cars always requires attention after we finish lunch. My new steel wheels are on their way and I will install them for a different look. Whitewall Bob-O sticks with his look on all of his cars as does Dave. I am not sure whitewalls look good with flames.

I have received several calls from people who are ready to sell their cars as the season comes to end. Most are interested in acquiring another project or complete car. They simply want something different for next year. I propose to those folks to try and trade for something they like so they don’t become involved in the paint and upholstery jail for several months. You simply can’t build a car today due to high labor and parts cost. Trading makes sense for both parties if they like the cars being offered. You will be on the road the same day and can make changes as you enjoy the car. If you live in the cold country you could even make some major changes during the winter. I will be listing some For Sale Cars in the next couple of weeks for your viewing and consideration. Of course, cash buyers are always welcome. There is never a charge for listing your car on Pewsplace.

I just saw a copy of the new issue of Rodding USA and the ad for P&J’s indicated that they are offering their forged aluminum axle for the same price as a cast one. I will call and have this clarified as the base aluminum axle cost way more than a cast one. I like the light weight of the aluminum axle and they look supreme as is.

Keep cool this week and have some fun.

Stay Tooned!



P&J has been a leader in hot rod chassis and components for 40 years. I have used their parts on every car I have built without a problem. They offer excellent service after the sale if you so require.


My good friend John, always has some information on rare items. Here is the ad for the Tuxaway rumble seat top. I showed this on a roadster from the EF show last week.

tuxaway inside

I have only seen a few of these tops over the years but I really think they are great for the grandkids. Thanks John for you information.


Tim and his son are building a nice Deuce hiboy with laid back post. Those wheels indicate a love for the Torque Thrust Americans. Lobeck would have approved of this build. We can go to school for the stance on this one.


One of the nicer looking Deuce trucks I have seen in a long time. The color is perfect and different.


Upholstered door panels are a nice touch to the cabin.


Here is another shot of the JHRS built hiboy. The color is what sets it apart from the crowded black and red hiboys arena.


Lucy had a very nice 33 grille that I purchased locally and Terry had plated with French Gray bars. I have been searching for another one and have not found a good one. Nottingham has them brand new and they look good for under $2K. Is it me or do the 33’s look better than the 34’s? I can find 34’s fairly easy as well as the hoods  —  reasonably priced.


Sometimes a simple but effective roadster provides lots of fun without all the expense of today’s high end hot rods. These cars attract as much attention as the high end ones because potential builders can relate.


This deuce lover was redoing his upholster while having fun at Koffee & Kix on Saturday.


I am too old for Patina hot rods. I prefer the JHRS style and beauty.

Toppers Tub!


Bob-O wants one of these real bad. His would be chopped like John’s and Bruce’s.

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