Wednesday’s Wake

Today, Boyd Coddington was sent off in a grand style. An early morning wake and open reception at his Hot Rod Shop was a Royal treatment for his going away party. Boyd would have liked the show as he always did things first class. He never wanted to be outdone and was very competitive by nature. Perhaps a little too competitive sometimes, but he always put on a good show for the crowds. Today was no exception. People from everywhere showed up and many drove their Hot Rods as Boyd would have liked. We will miss his creations and hopefully, someone will carry on his tradition of building one off cars with a special touch.

Here is one of his roadsters that I always liked.


1933 Ford roadster built by Boyd in the 90’s. I loved this car, even the hi-tech styling looked good to me. I first saw it going together at Boyd’s garage in Stanton.

Stay Tooned!


More Cars and Stars


This one is also one of my favorites from the past. I have seen this car at several places over the past few years and I always spend time wondering what it must have been like to own such a nice car in that era. My friend Bobo’s wife was a model for the early photo shoot of Joe Nitti’s famous Deuce. Bob also knew him growing up in Los Angeles. Cars like this, hopefully, will be preserved forever.


Hollywood Hot Rods also is gaining a reputation for some really creative ideas in the Hot Rod World. They are sure to be a legend in time for their outstanding workmanship.


My era 40 Ford convertible with Carson Top. Now your talking!


Another great loss of a Genius, Lil John Buttera water pumps and front timing chain covers. Circa 1990’s.



1933 Ford Panel that sits in front of his shop every day. Nice old Panel Hot Rod.

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