Wednesday’s Update

I have been under the weather for the past week and have not been able to sit at my keyboard. Thanks to all of you who inquired and I hope to be better soon. It seems that the a bug decided to stay with me after the roadster ride and I somehow have a touch of food poisoning or stomach flu. I have been visiting the doctor on a regular basis. I have seven more days of medicine so I may be a little late writing my regular three day blog. I was the only one who got sick so it is probably not the food that caused the problem.

Several events have taken place and thanks for all of your photos. I will try to post as many as possible. I also have some photos of Ms Sunshine’s arrival from CO. She made the trip without an incident thanks to Intercity Lines, Inc. who handled the car like it was their own. The equipment was first class and the driver was very careful with the loading and unloading. I would highly recommend the company if you are looking for an enclosed transporter. Their prices are very reasonable and very competitive considering today’s fuel costs. Thanks for a safe delivery.

Obviously, I have done no work on the cars other than start them and wipe off the dust. I have some work to do on Sunshine to make her ready to drive in the LA weather as opposed to the mile high city of Denver. Unlike Pepe, Sunshine has a carburetor which needs the jet size increased to adjust for the change in altitude. Richer jets would improve the fuel flow and keep her from stalling. The EFI system works at any altitude. I can do the jets but still lack the knowledge to work on the EFI system.

I am taking it easy this week and look forward to another roadster tour to Santa Barbara for surf and turf. (I think I will bring my own lunch.)

Stay Tooned!


Terry was guiding his wife out the long trailer and the unloading went smoothly. The rear ramp lowers down for an easy exit.

Back home in LA “Ms Sunshine” really likes her new temporary home. She is For Sale so watch for details.

Gerald has some really nice cars and this is one of them. He prefers the stock look and rebuilt the motor to make the phaeton a good driver. Gas was a little high but he paid the going rate to drive this beauty.

Des Moines had some very nice woodies that were looking for the beach. I think this is Phil Becker’s woody.

You don’t see many 1942 Ford woodies but here is a nice one. Note the dark mahogany panels rather than the bleached style shown above. They look good either way.

The front end is very unique on the 42 models with the grille being different from the 46-48 wagons.

Here is another outstanding 42 convertible that took home some picks in Des Moines. I love the color and stance.

No show would be complete without a few Deuces to keep us old guys happy. I have shown this one before but I will give you another look.

The rear view is clean and the 37 lights look right at home on the Deuce. Skinny radials look good on this ride.

Wide whites really stand out on this three window as do the maroon wheels.

You can tell the quality of the body work on this tub by the straightness of the panels. This one belongs in my garage.

Frank went to the All-Ford show and sent along this photo of a LZ convertible sedan.

He also likes 33 roadsters which is also on my list of great Ford roadsters.

Today’s Patriotic Deuce

I wish I had known Thom had this sketch in his portfolio. I will use it next year for sure. We need more from Thom who now works for Hot Rod.


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