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I spent my career with GM selling trucks in many different arena’s. First I worked in engineering, then manufacturing and finally in field sales, as both a manager and dealer. I experienced the growth of the basic work truck from a small market to over 50% of the automobile market during my tenure with the company. I have always loved trucks even when they weren’t popular. A Hot Rodder needs a truck to haul his parts and pull a trailer. We came out with a new truck in 1973 when I was working in engineering and I purchased a show truck with a big block and sunroof. Unheard of in those days, yet I convinced the team they would sell. And sell they did. We couldn’t keep up with the demand, especially in the South, where a black short bed would sell in less than a week. The sell to management wasn’t hard as the numbers were staggering and soon were outselling cars. Sport trucks became a staple on dealers lots and the aftermarket was booming with accessories for trucks. I was happy to be a part of history.

Hot Rodders have always been partial to making their old trucks look good and while short on interior cab room, were long on looks and around town driving. Not much good for a date with the prom queen, but there was always daddy’s car for that special night. Ford and Chevrolet dominated the early truck rage and still do with many builders today. UPI makes new rear fenders and doors for the Ford 32-34 cabs while Brookville and others make new beds. I predict a new cab can’t be far behind. Chevrolet cabs are already available and look real good when completed. Today’s builds are normally done in the resto-rod style or the fender-less patina style. Prices are sky high on these old trucks which speaks to the demand side of the equation as the supply side has a shortage due to the deterioration of most Farm/commercial type trucks. The 35 through 56 Ford and Chevrolet trucks are also very popular with a large aftermarket dedicated to the supply side. You can purchase about everything you need brand new for these oldies and like — a roadster, coupe or sedan — cost about the same. If you are looking for something that is a less dominate at the fairgrounds try building a nice truck.

As they used to say in the 80’s “Keep on Trucking!”

Stay Tooned!




Bob-O and Dave both have a multi-car collections which includes their favorite Hot Rod truck. Both are finished and attract a lot of attention at Toppers.


Henry’s Deuce truck is an example of the quality of work that comes out of Steadfast Mfg. in Ohio. His sedan set the bench mark for tudor hiboys and I haven’t seen his latest build.


The chopped and channeled version is also another popular look for the 32-34 Ford trucks.

Picture32 pickup, indy GG chlt 172

Henry Dana added fenders later but this is how it looked as a hiboy. I like it both ways!

E Bay 13 025

If you prefer the stock look then you should love this one with the Tacoma wire wheels.


This 41 is a subtle color and begs to be asked, “What color is that?” Model-A Olive Drab?

truck 005

Terry is building a “Wild Ride” in the heavy modified truck. The engine is what the truck is about!

LA roadster 14 029

At Pomona, I saw this version of a 37 Ford cab. We have a whole contingency of these “Bomber” trucks in LA.


Another collectable truck is the Chevrolet “Cameo” (55-58) which featured our first fiberglass bed.


HR&H built this over the top 55 GMC which wowed the crowds at Pomona this year. Featured an LS motor and lots of details.

GNRS 2012 034

One of my favorite is this 40 roadster pickup. Loads of work involved but the end result was awesome. Love the color!


The master, Chip, has his signature 56 BBW truck that still manages to set the bar real high for these popular trucks.


Very striking 56 BBW with a truly unique paint scheme. These cabs are much more roomier than the early ones.


Amazing work being done by Scott on this 40 truck at HR&H. Metal finished to perfection — just add $50K for paint and you only have upholstery to go. Like drag racing, how fast/far do you want to go?


Mile deep paint makes this 40 a standout in any crowd. I would need a bumper because Drake gets a lot of money for those grilles.

Wednesday’s Truck Feature


Brizio built a 40 pickup for River Farm to go along with his sedan delivery. The color of this one is beautiful for a truck.


Typical Brizio detailed SBC and perfect paint under the hood.



Sid did the interior in a distressed brown vinyl and provides a nice contrast to the paint.









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