Wednesday’s Travels

I am really keeping busy this week looking at cars and visiting street rod shops. My friend really wants a new RPU and would like a Kugel chassis. I told him I knew Jerry and would be happy to go with him to see the shop. Jerry’s shop is about 1 1/2 hours from my house in good traffic times. Steve arrived early in his like new 2003 SSR (3900 miles). He had the top down and away we went. We made good time and arrived at Kugel’s just in time to catch Jerry and Jeff who gave us the tour. Kugel’s is a very busy shop with lots of projects going on. Bonneville cars, tri-five cars, and street rods are all under construction in this very organized facility. Steve loved the chassis and the whole process seemed to flow seamlessly through the build process. They have the build process down to a science. We stayed about an hour and headed to the Limeworks which is just up the street. Steve was very busy with a shop full of projects. He took some time and explained his chassis build process and showed us all of his neat steering columns and wheels. I fell in love with a chopped Deuce sedan with a QC that was under construction. I looked at the car and asked Steve if he had done the wheel well repair. He told me how they did it and it was a very nice piece of work. He saved and otherwise nice sedan body. I had one offered to me a while back but was afraid of the wheel well problem. It can be done.

Steve had a very nice 40 coupe for sale and a 40 sedan was also for sale across the street. Maybe it is me, but their seems to be an abundance of 40 coupes and sedans available for sale today. Maybe it is the economy or the age group who have decided they would rather have cash in the bank than an old Ford with decreasing value. Both cars were very well priced and nice.

On the way home with the top down and the A/C blasting we headed for Bob’s house to see his cars. Bob and Sandy are always gracious hosts and showed us all of their cars. The temperature was now at about 95 degrees as we headed back to my house. The SSR rides and handles like a sports car and we were home in no time. I showed Steve my cars and he grabbed a bottle of water and headed up the coast. He did not wear a hat all day so I know he will be hurting tomorrow…but smiling about the great day we had doing what we like to do.

Stay Tooned!


Red and fast… this was my RPU for today. The truck is truly a piece of work. I could drive this across the country and be comfortable with heat and air. Alan built the wheels and eibach supplied the lowering coils.

Sedans like this are showing up for a price in the mid $20’s. I think these cars are a great value for your dollar and provide more than ample room for the whole gang at the “Office”.

I just found out about this one today. The car was a mint restored stocker and now has been modified to make it a great driver anywhere you want to go.

Here is the engine compartment. While it needs lots of detailing it has all the new components to make it a reacher.

Bob has a nice clean 40 coupe with red wheels. This is a super new 40 coupe. More later.

Bob has several cars but “Girlie” has the look and always takes home the prom queen. Note engine detail on this one. I guess you need to be very careful with your placement of the components to have them turn out this clean. Gary has that touch.

Orvillle has that touch also. Firewall setback looks good but I prefer the stock look. You would think Ford installed this engine with the RPO GM Goodwrench.

This is Orville’s sedan from last year. They don’t last long when he finishes them. A quality builder from Bend.

I love to run into these cars in the body shops. Tim can build a nice forty coupe that goes down the road and wins the cheerleader for the night.

Sometimes I find two sedans in a row. The blue one is a 39 multi-door and the maroon one belongs in my garage. I am working on the owner.

Today’s Coupe…dreaming!

Mr. Miller has a stable full of nice cars but this flathead powered coupe is a very fine early style built car. I have not seen it in a while but when I do I have a second and third look. Nice work. He also owns a couple of woodies that will start your old heart pumping.

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