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You would think that after four days of looking at roadsters that I would need a break and some R&R, but no, our Roadster Boys decided to make a quick trip to the Cold Springs Tavern in Santa Barbara. The Tavern is a 100 year old stage coach stop that has been converted into a gourmet restaurant and saloon. The venue is located down in a canyon under the famous “suicide bridge” where so many movies are filmed. Our guide, Bob, lead us through the back roads and we arrived in a couple of hours at the famous Biker Bar. Parking is a little hectic but we did manage to find enough room for most of the roadsters. We all slide some rocks under our tires to make sure we didn’t roll down the hill.

Bob had also called ahead and reserved a private room for our group which worked out well. The food is excellent and we soon pushed ourselves away from the table and headed out to the cars. We previously had determined that we would just turn around and head back down the coast, but Bob suggested we continue on to Solvang to locate some gas for one of our small tank roadsters. This is a beautiful drive up the scenic route 154 and we were soon in Solvang for our mandatory dessert – ice cream.

The ladies did some shopping and the men talked cars. We discussed our next trip, which I am planning, for the Santa Monica  Mountains and Malibu. After a couple of hours in the quaint village of Solvang, we took the back roads out to the coast and cruised on home on a weather perfect California afternoon. The fire continues to burn and the sickness has no cure, so I will have to suffer the pain for another day. Remember the Carly Simon song which states, “I haven’t got time for the pain”.

Have a great week.

Stay Tooned!


A quick driver’s meeting and some hot coffee from McDonalds was all we needed for our trip to the Cold Springs Tavern in Santa Barbara.

The Pacific Ocean was crystal clear and the skies were beautiful. I can’t put my top down but I can roll down the windows for some fresh air.

The ride up over the San Marcos Pass was breathtaking and traffic was a non-issue on our trip which makes us happy travelers.

We were able to park in the deep forest on some very rough terrain. I put Pepe in some deep pot holes so he wouldn’t slide back down the ravine.

Certainly not a fancy exterior but the food was outstanding. We were early so we enjoyed the sunshine and camaraderie of the group.

The private room was very nice and the service was superb. Thanks Bob.

A Porsche speedster joined our tour for a short way up to Solvang. I love these cars.

Dick and I didn’t require gas but we topped the tank off to make sure we wold not have to stop on the 3 hour trip home during rush hour. Their is something about a red Deuce hiboy roadster that seems familiar.

We always stop for ice cream on our trip and Solvang has many shops to choose from. We just finished lunch 30 minutes earlier but the ice cream settled our stomachs.

John and his friend were ready for the long ride home. Note the checker board sun glasses for the roadster drivers.

I really spent some time looking at Scott’s 3 window that Roy built. I followed him into the Fairplex so I know he drives it on the street. I am particularly fond of the overall theme and execution of the design by Scott and Roy.

Alan had this very nice roadster in his booth. The color drew me to have a closer look and I am glad I did. More later.

Three Window Wednesday!

This was certainly one of my favorite three windows at the show. I am not sure if JHRS or Steadfast built it, but I liked it too much.

If you like fenders, then you should love this classic.  Above Photos are from Tom Davison a true photographer.

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