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I missed Toppers write up so I will add a few pictures today. I have received some very neat old pictures from John in Canada that should please most of you. John has long been a fan of the Doane car and even came out to view the car when Neal owned it. He is an avid collector of cars and parts. John and I have been friends for many years and share a lot of common interest in Deuces and model 40’s. His collection of rare and expensive parts would make most of us drool. Thanks John.

He also reminded me of the past when life was much simpler. Hot rods were built in your garage, driveway or street, wherever you could find space. I know everything changes, but it is O.K. to look back and remember when. Today’s crisis seem major compared to my younger years, but again I didn’t not have the responsibilities I have today. We will all survive the challenges of today’s problems and live to drive our roadsters for a little while longer.

The Pasadena Roadster Club meet is Saturday and I can hardly wait to go back in time when things were much more relaxed. I hope Bruce brings the McGee car this year. I like it the best…sort of.

On a sad note, I received an email today announcing the sale of Nick Alexanders Woody collection at the RM auction in Pebble Beach this year. I guess the rumors were true that Wal-Mart wanted to build a store on his property. Again, change we must live with….never ending.

Stay Tooned!



Doane’s roadster at its best. Alone in a field of thousands of Deuces.


He was always a showman and his workmanship was admired by many.


Racing was his game and Doane was his name.


Thrashing to have the car together again. Note x member.


Another show dog.


Another famous driveway scene. Joe doing a little tuning and cleaning. Most cars were built in the driveways.


Mo had his on the street waiting for a match on the streets of LA.


Who would have guessed Mo’s car would be on the 18th hole at Pebble Beach. Over restored but perfect in detail.


My favorite, Bob’s, (yes Bob was his name) red roadster. How many were painted red in those days? Black and Maroon were big in my town but primer was most common.


Here is a photo of a recent trip for Doug. He was caught in the Sierra snow storm in his B-400. Now that is living in the past.

Today’s ride…Dreaming


Nice chopped tudor sedan with the flat look. I will use red oxide via Eastwood’s car.

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