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The Woodies will be out in force this weekend as the huge Wavecrest Woody Show begins on Friday. This show attracts woody lovers from all over the country. I have been attending this event since moving here in 1984 and still enjoy the sight of all of the woodies at the Beach. The attendance has increased dramatically as the popularity of the wooden automobile increased as well as the value of the cars. The market peaked about 5 years ago but is still strong for certain models. Both stock and modified woodies are in attendance and I like both styles but prefer to drive the modified ones which can travel at freeway speeds and stop quickly. The creaky sounds and swaying suspensions are just part of the excitement that goes along with driving a woody.

I will be taking my regular car as only woodies are allowed in the event. Space is a premium and spectator parking can be had if you don’t mind walking a few blocks. The show provides lots of entertainment and some of the best examples of woodies on the west coast. If you like woodies then make it a point to stop by and see some of the best.

It seems as I grow older I want to attend as many car events as possible and store away the memories for the day when I will be no longer able to attend. I think all of us have fond memories of some of our hot rod trips that will last forever. I received a note from one of my viewers who made the journey to the Reno Air Show with several of his car friends and they met up with several hot rodders from Canada to enjoy the show. Now is the time to start driving your hot rods. They do not like sitting in the garage wasting away. If you don’t have confidence in your ride then drive it and make it reliable. Anything can be fixed to work on the road. A good road car is a must for the long hauls as you don’t want to be on the side of the road very often holding up your friends. After driving a few hundred miles, you will be proud of your decision to drive the distance. The stories that come back with these trips is worth all the hardships you may encounter. Remember, if nothing goes wrong you will have very little to talk about.

Have a wonderful week.

Stay Tooned!


The woodies on the beach are a short walk from the main event. I don’t think you will be able to park down there this year.

Street parking is preferred by our group as you can have a little room around your car.

A stop at Tom’s Place on the way up 395 is always a treat. The beautiful roadster belongs to Tom who drove his first long distance trip to Reno.

This is where the party starts and everyone gets acquainted during the evening hours.

Cam’s car was driven down from Canada to attend the Reno Air Races. The car was also at the Outriders so he really traveled in the hiboy roadster.

A stop along the way allows for refreshments and a quick check of the cars for the next leg. Jim looks lost.

Duane is finally driving his super Deuce 3 window. You gotta love the stance on this one.

The tires must be right up against the fender braces but she sure looks good. Thanks for the photos.

Lowrey’s in NH can build some of the best woodies you could ask for. I love the color on this one and this is an inspiration for Jim and Ryan. Hang in there.

When the wood is installed I start to get excited. This process can take a long time but the end result is worth the wait. Those rear fenders are gold.

Today’s Woody Dream!

Keep it simple in the overall look and you will be safe. It is hard to improve on Henry’s original lines on the 40 woody.

Add some Halibrand looking wheels if you like but keep the exterior stock looking. Kind of nice looking isn’t it!

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