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I had to make a decision that pondered me all night. The Roadster Boy’s were headed to Summerland this morning and asked me to attend. I just recovered from a bad lunch on the last trip and really didn’t feel like doing it again. Jane had cleaned Sunshine real well including the whitewalls (remember those) and told me she couldn’t ride along as she had a better offer for the day. I guess sometimes you need to “just get up and try” (Pink) in order to keep the body (stomach) in motion. I quickly showered and headed to the Shell station for our departure. We had a good turnout of roadsters and a couple of convertibles which made the venture worth while. Dave joined us after a mix up and I missed the turn off the freeway so we had lots to talk about once we arrived at the Summerland Beach Cafe. The weather was perfect roadster weather (70’s) and all the tops were down except Fred, Dave and I. I just can’t let the sun bake me anymore. There is something about seeing bright colored roadsters with no tops and the driver’s gray hair blowing in the wind thats states — these guys know how to have fun. Yes, the Deuce roadster is still the one that gets the heart beating in these old bones. I was riding First Class in the 48 but my mind was dreaming of  being in Coach (a true roadster with a hot motor and a choppy ride). Funny how the company you keep makes you want to be a peer not and outsider.

Donnie is coming over tomorrow to change the jets in Sunshine. I had to purchase the complete kit as they don’t stock individual jets and metering rods. I am looking forward to assisting in the process as I have never done this before. It looks easy on Youtube but I can’t bend over the large fenders (another reason for a hiboy) so I will assist. Hand me a #20 Torx please. The hard power steering is still a mystery as everything checks out positive so far. Donnie thinks it could be the lower steering shaft bearing is binding but I don’t think so. While we are checking things out, I decided to replace or clean the fuel filter just as a precaution. I don’t know why people install the fuel filters underneath the car which are difficult to change laying on the side of the road on your back. I know the rule is close to the gas tank but I still prefer to put them under the hood near the carburetor so I can clean them easily. Sunshine’s battery is right where Henry installed it and can be serviced quickly on the road. I am a winer you know. I like to make sure the cars I sell are as good as I can make them so the new owner won’t have to worry about the problems when they take delivery. Sunshine has lots of interest and is hoping she can stay in the LA area.

Stay Tooned!


Don is 83 and still going strong. His right foot is very heavy and he likes to burn rubber and turn right on red. That is O.K. isn’t it!

We all arrived earlier than the rest of the crew and secured the good parking spots with an ocean view.

The Summerland Beach Cafe is a large old house with great food and good service and Dog friendly. We are called “Old Dogs” by some.

We like to eat outside with the ocean view and personal service. I was cold so I had on my jacket.

I parked with the roadsters but they made me be last in line. Dave drove his 34 tub which has logged over  150,000 miles since he purchased it in the 70’s.

I love seeing the roadsters on the road who have stopped for lunch and some BS. I guess I would be jealous if I were in the sedan.

Now the Roadster Boy’s do like to have a good time just relaxing and talking cars.

Cory built him a nice roadster and had Sid do the interior. This one has driven the coast highway and is from MI.

Note how Sid built the seat to slide under the rear deck panel which provides a few more inches for us long legged dudes.

 Today’s 40 Convert!

Here is another Bedford 40 that is high on my list of correct styles for a ragtop. If you don’t chop them, then the bows need reworked to obtain this profile. Nice job, Tim.

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