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We had 40 Ford Day at Toppers today as three of us drove our forties. After lunch, the conversation started about front bumpers and the rubber grommets that slide over the bumper irons. Most all of them you see are not doing the job they were designed to do and that is cover the hole and keep the irons from hitting the metal fenders. Dave looked at mine and told me that I had installed the bumper irons wrong by placing both of them on the outside of the frame. I looked at the other two cars and yes, they had the bumper irons installed as he indicated. Bob-O and I recalled the battle we had installing the irons and thought maybe that was one of the causes. I will need to redo these as well as buy some new rubber grommets to fix the installation. Prior to doing this, I am going to figure out how to enlarge the boxing plate opening so access is easier than the current placement. I love doing something more than once (You know the feeling). It was a beautiful day so the thoughts of an open car ran through our minds as we looked at Dave’s nice black 40 convertible. His top folds down, but Bob-O likes Carson non-folding tops on his 40’s. We discussed the merits of each style. My thoughts are if you are going to have a convertible you need to be able to put the top down when required (not leave it at home). Dave also told us about his trip to TRJ Revival and all the neat cars he saw.  Maybe next year we can all go and enjoy the traditional style cars we love.

Jane and I will be satisfied with attending the Throttler’s picnic this Sunday at JCP where we always see some wonderful traditional hot rods. I hope to have the bumper changed back by then but if not, Pepe is going as is. October is filled with car activities and the cooler temperatures make me want some apple cider and cinnamon donuts like I used to crave while living in MI. I think I will make some for our Woody trip to Dana Point Marriott Cliffs Resort in two weeks. Sounds tasty doesn’t it? I better go back in the garage and do some dreaming about a new project or two.

Stay Tooned!

The bumpers irons should be installed with the outside iron (left) on the outside of the frame and the inside iron (right) installed on the inside of the frame rail. This provides the space required to allow the rubber grommet to slide between the irons and prevent squeaking. Gary told me to cut out the divider in the grommet and they will install easier. The cover on the left hides the irons and looks good.

Here is the current problem on the passenger side (driver’s side is fine). If I install the irons correctly this should fix the problem.

Bob-O did stop by to help me and I thought his car looked great in my pink driveway. This car has maximum curb appeal.

Bob-O only knows tuck and roll and he keeps it spotless even though he drives the car often. He removed the towel for the photo. Does this bring back any memories to you older folks?

Here is the reproduction Hercules 37 Woody from NC. You need to see this one to appreciate the quality of this build. Notice the bumper grommets.

The “Grille Man” posted a photo of his current project. I love it but where do you sit in this beauty. I also love the teardrops on the end of the bones. Where do you get these or how do you make them?

John’s new 34 more-door Vicky is taking shape nicely at Roy’s shop. See Brizio’s site for complete details.

The dash is a work of art that blends well with the overall theme of this classic Vicky. You should see the interior….WOW!

Master Craftsman Pete Eastwood builds a simple and basic chassis that works well. Note the dual transmission mount placements. Pete can build these on jack stands and they come out perfect.

Roy’s crew can build you any style Deuce chassis you like. Here is one of his latest designs using the 36 bones and X-member The 40 housings have been converted to pull out axles. I like it. It is not about the ride but the looks.

Today’s Revival Roadster!

More to come on Friday. Stay Tooned!

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  1. Who is the “Grille Man”? I would like to see more of his latest project. I’m collecting parts for a Track “T” winter project. Is it possible to get a PM with his email address?


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