Wednesday’s Storm

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people located in the path of Sandy. With all we have going on in the world today, American did not need Sandy. I hope this brings all of us together to make it through another catastrophic event in American history.  We are a strong nation and will soon put this one behind us.

The holidays will soon be here and I have been thinking about how nice it would be to have Andre rolling around on his new chassis by Christmas time. With that in mind, I started on the body this week concentrating on the repairing the front floor boards. They are not bad but do require some patches in places. I have the one large driver side patch done, but I worked on the small ones today. The biggest hassle is removing the old rusty pieces. I drill out the spot welds from the sub-rails and then chisel the old pieces out. This method leaves a smooth surface to attach the new patch and will not show once welded. Seventy years of rust can be difficult to remove but after a couple of hours I had the first area ready for some new 16 gauge sheet metal. Tomorrow I will cut the patch and shape it to fit the opening. The remaining patches are in the bead areas where water stayed for a long period of time. I will have Fred make me some new bead panels or make my own. The next challenge is cleaning the metal in order to do the welding. I only have a TIG welder and it doesn’t like rusty metal. I will overcome.

I am also working on a tour of Jay Leno’s place for a small group of the roadster boys. We do have some contacts and Bob-O is checking it out. I have not been to his shop in a few years so I will be interested in seeing his new building and projects. Some of our group are headed to the SEMA show this week which should be a great show this year. I have not been in 3 years but maybe next year we can get a group together to go. You need a very good pair of walking shoes for this event. I should have some photos by Friday.

Stay Tooned!


The body on this 49 Mercury was black and very straight. The body was sitting on an Oldsmobile chassis which is why the front bumper is so high off the ground.

My daughter is in love with the CMG color and followed this beauty into OSH parking lot. She is my #1 daughter.

The Reed’s have made the Cordoba Tan color popular in the past couple of years. Their 35 Cabriolet is stunning and a perfect example of today’s resto-rod.

Tim prefers the 40 coupes but drives this ultra rare 57 fuelie hardtop regularly and normally takes home the trophy.

Yes, this came from GM as an option. Tim has restored this to enjoy and drive.

Tim can also put together some nice looking engines in his forties. He also likes 327s like I do.

Here is what a stock 40 delivery looks like inside. They came with bucket seats like these.

The passenger side folded forward to provide access to the tools and rear storage area. Andre has rust right where the seat folds. It is an easy fix and can’t be seen after the seat installation.

I just had to show this photo. Is this a sign of the times or a joke. I guess For Sale signs are included with Deuce hiboys.

There is nothing wrong with a stock LeBaron Bonney interior in you 40 sedan. You can add square weave carpet and have a first class interior.

Norm was always the showman and was never lost for words. The T was his signature ride.

If you want a more comfortable bucket seat in your delivery try these from a Volvo (not sure about the make). Bob installed them in his 40 delivery. Remove the head rest.

Today’s Garage!


Jim has one super large garage and it is filled with cars, signs and collectables from all of his years on the road with California Car Cover.


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