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Have you ever noticed the stance of some cars just seem to catch your eye? Some are too low in the front or back and some are just right both in the front and back. Most of the time when I see a car with a great stance I measure the wheel well height in the front and back. I then look at the tire size and record both on my smart phone notes. The HAMB has a thread going on the same subject and I find most people prefer a rake to a low rider look for their forties. On a hiboy, I record the frame height and the tires size to determine the proper rake I find appealing.

I spent a lot of year hanging around shops like Fat Jacks who was famous for lowering his cars to the maximum. Boyd whose shop was a couple of streets over preferred a different stance which was also attractive but a little more practical to drive. I can remember when your saw a FJ creation pull in the Fairgrounds you knew immediately who the builder was. His cars always were detailed to the max with his trick anodizing and one off parts. He liked the stock look but they had to be right on the ground with the largest tires possible under the rear. He also has a thing for 5-spokes and Halibrands which are also my favorites for the 60’s look. Later on the air suspension was applied to hot rods and the lowered cars were virtually on the ground at the shows and in parking lots.

Curvy has controllable air suspension but I never lower it and keep it at a safe ride height on most streets. Pepe has a real low front stance and I must be real careful to slow down for speed bumps and major dips in the road. Whatever your preference is, always be sure the vehicle is safe to drive as I want you around for a long time. As they say….Praise the Lowered.

Stay Tooned!


Pepe has a stance that I like but it’s a tad bit too low in the front. The tire sizes are 175 70r x 14 and 235 70r x 15 respectively.

Pepe’s girlfriend, Lucille, has a great stance using big and littles to fill up the wheel wells. Steve had Eddie do him and all white tuck and roll interior after I purchased his sedan delivery in the late 80’s.

Lucille’s sister also has a nice stance using the same big and little tire combination. I kind of like the Moon disc for a true 60’s look. Vern had an orange and white Eddie Martinez interior that really stood out.

Bruce preferred the level look for his flamed 40 sedan. He persuaded Eddie to do one more interior including a pleated headliner. Rumor has it Eddie retired after doing this beauty. Steve now owns this sedan and keeps it spotless. I hope we can all show up at Forty Ford Day this year.

I think the stance on this convertible is right on the money. Convertibles have a boxy top but this one has been fixed by modifying the center bows. The large 820 x 15 Firestones look good on the back of this ride. The fronts are 560 x15 and look good under the front fender.

I call this convertible my “High School” ride. My friend caught his hood on fire and just left it off and soon that became the norm for 40’s. The stance is low for the period.

Air suspension has created the ultimate low look for hot rods. The chopped beauty has a standard front end which looks good to me. Dave’s is this low using a dropped axle.

I really like this Boyd stance… Not too low but very stylish for a 40 coupe that you could take anywhere.

A coupe has to sit low in the front to look good with white wall tires. Black walls don’t stand out as shown above.

Tom has the blackwalls in 225 70r x15 and 165 70r x 15 to obtain the stance that he likes. Note the front tires are very close to the fenders. He uses a TCI MII suspension that is not narrowed.

How do they lower the rears?

If you want to purchase a lowly sedan and make it look cool. Here is the best way and least expensive procedure. Add a reversed eye lowered spring from Posie. Notice old leaf springs used for spacers…Hot Rod building 101.

The cost is greater but the ride and handling are much better with the parallel leaf set up. The smoothed rear end is not required but looks bitch’n to me. Pepe will get a new smooth back (57 SW) rear axle soon. I have several in stock.

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