Wednesday’s Sedans

It seems a friend of mine has been looking for a sedan for a long time and finally landed one this week. As with most of us, the build plan changes from dreaming to reality when the car arrives and is now secured in the garage. I usually have the plan in my mind way before I have the cash in hand. Some folks start with junk and fix everything to their requirements. Other folks purchase the best they can and make it better. The quality of the build is fully dependent on the plan not the pocketbook. I have seen some home built beauties and some real atrocities where money was no object. Now don’t get me wrong, cars are not inexpensive to build but you don’t need to break the bank to have fun in your hot rod.

I have wanted a hiboy sedan for several years but the plan called for a stock width frame just incase fenders were desired or required in the future. I think the plan can change depending on the quality of the car and sheet metal attached. If I were to find a mint full fendered sedan then it would stay that way, on the other hand, if I found a chopped not so nice body (which I prefer) that would be O.K. for the build without the fenders. I think the older I grow the more I revert back to my youth when fenders were thrown away immediately and the car became a hot rod. I know in high school all of my buddies took off all ornaments including the door handles to have the custom look. The end result of any build will depend on your tenacity to put things together and make them look good. I am still looking.

Stay Tooned!


This is one of the best hiboy sedans around. Custom Auto in Loveland did this one and the owner installed a 409 engine. A very unique and powerful engine for today’s hot rod with a traditional build plan.

I happen to know that this sedan has some local history and the owner chose to leave the fenders in place. The chop was done years ago and the workmanship was excellent.

Some fellows really like to have all the bells and whistles on their rides. This one qualifies with over the top flames and accessories.

Roger’s sedan has been done a long time but still looks good. Rake is right on the money.

Stock height works on a sedan but looks out of proportion to me. I love the medium dark red truck color and silver accents.

Here is another nice simple hiboy sedan that had a great build plan and was owner executed over a period of time.

My HOA would not like this one but I would love to locate one in this shape.

A little too much for my taste but this sedan will have the Rolling Bones look. Where do they find all of these bodies?

This one started it for me. Henry and Custom Auto in Loveland know sedan hiboys. Rex does the outstanding metal work for the black paint. I love’m!

Today’s coupe….dreaming and legal.

When the day is over maybe this is all a fellow needs. The popularity of the 40 coupe in stock condition will always be the staple of the older generation….right Bob C!

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