Wednesday’s Search

I forgot to purchase a housing seal for the rear axle shaft bearing replacement and thought I could just pick one up at the auto parts store. That turned out to be a major search until I called Currie who had them in stock as well as some good advice about installation. The proper seal driver will ensure a perfect seal where a block of wood or large socket will not do the job in most cases. I have come to the conclusion, when building a hot rod you need to use modern components or at least the inner workings. You will have trouble finding parts on the road for the early stuff. Bearings, brakes, seals and the like from the 1950s are not in stock at the local parts stores in our little town. Once the seals arrive, I can finish the installation. I did order a couple of extra for inventory to save time if the problem reoccurs. China manufactured bearings are all I could find locally so I hope they hold up longer than the last ones did. Currie mentioned that installation of the bearings must be done correctly or the bearing will be destroyed and early failure will be certain. I don’t think I will beat them on with a piece of tubing slide over the axle. (I have done that in the past.) Down time is now at one week and I need to have it finished by Saturday. (Sounds like a reality show.)

While the car is on jack stands, I decided to raise the front a little by changing the coil height. It was not difficult but I don’t know if it affected the ride. I hope not. I also changed the oil and filter for the summer season. Fresh oil is a requirement in a high performance engine. A quick inspection of all nuts and bolts will ease my mind on the next long trip. Now to stop those squealing front brakes.

We are getting closer to the LARS big event in June. I have been in touch with several people from Australia who are headed this way and want to attend all open houses that are available to them. If you know of any events, let me know and I will publish them. I know most of them in the Pomona area but not in other parts of LA. This year’s 50th Anniversary promises to be a memorable trip for all who attend.

Make your plans now.

Stay Tooned!


The Currie bearing and retainer has an O ring to help seal the bearing from leaking. The heavy duty retainers are an overkill for a street car but Pepe has almost 500 hp so why not be safe. RW 207 is the correct part number for the small bearing.

Deuces and Forties plus a high school build in the driveway makes for a wonderful memory.

Now this is a slick little track roadster that would look good in your collection. Moal could build you one in a year or so.

Here is a sedate 33 sedan that has a great stance and restored look of the 70’s. Seldom seen today but one of my favorites is the model 40 sedan.

Gary is looking for one like this to replace his 40 convert. Keep looking they are out there. I would have to chop the windshield to suit my taste.

Oh my, this little 36 has a look that always draws the ladies to have a peek inside. Caution: Not much leg room for the tall driver. She is a looker to say the least.

A long time friend is having a birthday this week and maybe Chip will surprise her with a nice 40 convert. Happy Birthday Jennie.

Sometimes they need a little help from their friends. Super nice 37 tub didn’t quite make it into the hotel parking lot.

Here is another photo of this one-off 37 tub hiboy with a flathead and QC to help the vintage look.

I think this used to be JJ’s 34 but whoever owns it now has  a wonderful looking model 40 coupe.

Save your money for the LARS swap meet. Roadsters like this one are everywhere you look. They are not cheap but plentiful.

 Today’s Dream!

The ultra rare Deuce phaeton body provides a distraction for me from the roadster. You can move the seat back and really have lots of room to stretch your legs. I came across one yesterday by accident. Aussie model.

Gearhead Bill in WA built this Australian version for an everyday driver. Looks like fun to me. He is working on a 29 now.

Paul brought back the trend for the love of the Phaeton for me. Version 1 was a show stopper with all of his rare “Stuff” installed. The bar is set real high with this creation.

Version 2 was even better looking and received my vote for AMBRS this year. I like the top irons and wood treatment.

Rodger built this Aussie one in the 70’s and I ordered a Wescott to duplicate his efforts. My wife fell in love with this one and told me it was O.K. to build one…Great wife.

We ended up with this one upon moving back to LA from SF. I traded Steve a 40 convert for the car and we had a great time driving it for a couple of years. The car was all Wescott but I didn’t care in those days but today, I would like a steel one to start with. Times do change.

John’s, Thelan built tub, was one of the first trend setters that sold me on the touring car look. Regency Red with saddle interior and Zenith wire wheels was the look of the time. Top 75 vote in 2007. Gommi has taken the lead due to the changing times but this one is one of the best.

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