Wednesday’s Roadsters

Toppers was busy with graduating seniors so we had to give up our normal room. We all drove 40 Fords today except Dick, who drove his new 65 Mustang GT 350. I can’t help think of my high school graduation and the fun we had in our old cars. Sure they were nothing compared to todays hot rods, but they were just as cool and provided the required transportation for senior night. Don’t you remember how you stayed out all night and did the wild thing? Cars and girls were our main focus and in that order. My girl friend at the time told me if my fingernails weren’t clean, she wasn’t going to ride in my car to the party. Such is the life of a car nut. I somehow survived that night and many more to come. I am sure the grads at our Pizza Joint will remember tonight for a long, long time. I wish them all the best as they enter the next phase of their life.

The roadsters are arriving in LA and running around this big city seeing the sights. Cars are filled with Sun block, Ben Gay and lots of water bottles. It has been hot but beautiful so far this week. Mr. Bob called early and said he has his stake bed truck filled to the roof with parts for sale. I think a swap space is mandatory for most of us old timers who can no longer walk the talk. If you just stay in your swap space you will see most of your friends and meet some new ones. I occasionally wonder down a few rows to see what is available and what the going rate for Deuce and Forty parts is. The vastness of the swap meet and roadster parking area makes a golf cart a required item for taking in the whole show. I try to see as much as I can and then try some more.

I hope to see many of you this weekend.

Stay Tooned!


The Fairplex Sheraton always has a few nice roadsters in the parking lot. Boyce’s old roadster (on the left) has been rebuilt but I have not seen it.

This lonely old phaeton was parked in the hotel parking lot waiting for his buddies.

A rare Cabriolet was also parked in the shade waiting for the activities to start.

Ed was in line late at the SO-CAL Open House on Friday. He can’t pass up a gas station with this one.

Early arrivals at SO-CAL wait for the place to fill to the walls. Pete’s shop always draws lots of nice roadsters. You need a reservation to park in the lot.

Bare metal roadsters, showing off meticulous metal work, are always a welcome sight to me.

A little later on at SO-CAL the isles are full and the people are having the time of their life. This fellow is here every year.

Sometimes I just fall in love all over again. The Deuce roadster in basic black is always a top draw at the show.

A few years ago the layout was like this and you grew tired of walking all the rows of roadsters but somehow you forced yourself to make one last trip.

The new layout is much more spread out but all within walking distance of the exhibitor building. If you like roadsters there is no better place on earth than the LARS. Come on out and bring the family.

Today’s Long Time Friends!

For the first time in many years my long time house guests, Gary and George, will not be joining me this year. I will miss them and wish them a Happy Father’s Day.