Wednesday’s Roadster Pursuit

Since I have been talking about model 40 roadsters lately, I thought I would pursue another model 40 for Pewsplace. The steel bodies are still available from SAR and Wescott makes a nice FG one. The original ones are really hard to locate and are very expensive so they are out of the question. I did locate a patina roadster but it was priced more than a mint restored one. I am not into patina that much and really would prefer the SAR body to any of them. The pursuit continues. Once you have the body then you need a chassis. In the past, I have always purchased a chassis then the body which is the normal progression for me. I placed an ad for an original chassis on Fordbarn and surprising have had several responses. I have started with original frames on my last three roadsters and they are lots of work to ready for finishing. I had a suggestion from one of my friends that maybe this time I should consider a nice reproduction frame with clean metal and crossmembers placed where you want them. I thought this was a great idea and started looking for a manufacturer of 33/34 chassis. SAC used to make a nice set of rails but they are no longer in business. I know that ASC makes reproduction rails that could be placed in a jig and made to do the job but I don’t know of anyone in LA that does model 40’s. A quick search on the internet revealed several suppliers (all back east) which means added shipping cost. I finally called one supplier and was quoted a price for a nice chassis which was over my budget. In general, I found the cost of a nice rolling chassis with the standard dropped axle and 9 inch rear axle runs about $10-12K from suppliers like P&J, TCI, and others. I also have been talking to Cornhuskers who builds a nice reproduction chassis that looks like the best deal. As I stated earlier, new metal really makes sense for what I want to build.

For those of you who are wondering what does this guy like? The answer is… I like all types of hot rods and change my mind on a regular basis but my pursuits are always based on the norm of coupes, sedans and roadsters. I have friends with sedans and coupes going together that I will keep updated frequently but I don’t have anyone building a roadster and that is strange for our crowd. Maybe the cold trips on the coast are not for everyone but I still love the look of a hiboy roadster traveling down the highway. Steve and I want to be able to enjoy the cold weather and wind in our face with the rest of our pals.

Yes, I am a dreamer that pursues his passion with vigor and loathes for more knowledge everyday.

Stay Tooned!


Original chassis like this are hard to find and much harder to make nice for a hiboy project. Not impossible but very time consuming.

Many hours of welding and fitting boxing plates are not difficult but requires patience and a good back. If you drill holes then you must powder coat to cover all internal metal.

After several months work, the finished product was ready for assembly. I won’t be using a QC this time around. A nice quiet 9 inch will do just fine and save lots of money.

Cornhuskers model 40 chassis looks like the way to go both time wise and financially. All new metal is a plus in my mind.

I built this Deuce chassis using all new components from the Deuce Frame Co. I made my own jig and using Carl’s center x-member made it real easy to weld up (foolproof). I like holes but not on the next one.

Here is sample of what I am after. Very simple and straight forward in approach. Wire wheels will be used of the 16 & 17 inch variety. Bones may replace the hairpins for a change.

This would be a wonderful find for the model 40 lover. Note the doors on the right.

Yes, the patina ones are available but very expensive. You will need another $60 K to make it a nice car. It sure has the look.

Here is a 34 with the patina look and mechanical brakes. Note the 17 inch wire wheels and headlights.

I love this one with the Carson style Top and Cadillac engine.

I have never strayed from the SBC but this Cadillac kind of interest me… tight fit around steering box.

I prefer the simple approach to the interior. I love the heater for those costal drives.

Lucy had a simple interior that Terry installed. The 40 column and wheel are two must haves.

I like the Hemi sticking out of the hood but would have to have a blister installed.

Today’s Different Model 40!

Yes, it is that driveway again where cars are priced very high but always of high quality. The former AMBR contender is all steel and has a lot of one-off items incorporated in the build design.

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