Wednesday’s Road Work

We are always faced with decisions concerning what to do next on our hot rods. For example, I need to have the back door paint cracking repaired but have been reluctant to take it back to the shop that caused the problem. The repair will require leaving the car for a couple of days and I have yet to locate a shop that I feel comfortable leaving it with. I don’t want my car left out in a parking lot all day for  additional damage to occur. Have you ever noticed how crowded body shops are? They seem to be overbooked and are always in a hurry to get the cars in and out. I would attempt the repair myself, but I am sure I would not be happy with the results, although I have painted several cars in the past. The paint and equipment required today requires knowledge that I don’t posses so I am going to take it somewhere this week so I can have it ready for Father’s Day. Hopefully, I have all the problems fixed for now.

The more time you spend on the road the more you realize that you need to build a Hot Rod that is dependable and locate all potential components that could fail in an easy accessible part of the car. A fender-less car provides the easiest access as you don’t have to bend over the fenders to diagnose the problem. Starters, ignitions, water pumps etc, are all very visible and accessible. Pepe would not look good without fenders so that is out of the question, but I can install some remote items that would help my dilemma  when stranded on the road…more decisions. I will address some of these items in the coming weeks.

The month of May is a busy one for car events, including our “Roadster Boys” trip to some secret destination. I am the director of planning for May and I have a great place in mind but need to make a dry run with the wife. Also, Coffee and Kix is this Saturday and Don is featuring roadsters so bring ’em over for all of us to enjoy.

Stay Tooned!


I liked this 34 and Dave sent along a nice photo. This one does belong in my garage.

A mor-door 34 was looking real sharp with whitewalls and steelies.

The Deuce Factory boys built this very clean Deuce sedan which was displayed in Armandos booth.

Hot Rod model-A’s are popular and you can see why looking at the very subtle coupe with a flathead mill.

A very surprising engine was installed in this long time classic. The whole car was stunning and very well built with lots of attention to detail and style.

Not your normal SBC is it? The Hemi looked right at home and required a set back firewall for installation.

Another favorite of Dave’s was this Coral and white beauty with a lowered stance and ultra clean appearance.

I don’t think you could argue that this Porsche has the look of a hot rod with class. Sorry, but I do like these little critters also.

Here is one of the Kennedy Boy’s early builds for themselves which they later sold to a customer.

Today’s Delivery!

Cute little 36 with just the right touches to make it a winner. Thom and Pete built one in a month many years ago.

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