Wednesday’s Results

I am watching the election results and they just announced the winner of the election so I can now concentrate on writing tomorrow’s blog. I spent the day putting together all the parts I need to finish up the engine. Most items like the timing chain cover, oil pan, intake manifold and a host of small parts are new. I think I spent more than I planned on but I know I have all new good parts to put back on my engine. I even picked out a new color as the wife didn’t like the orange with the CMG paint scheme I have selected. She picked up some samples of paint chips from Home Depot and we came up with a dark silver-gray color which looks real good. Now I need to find the automotive paint that matches the chip.

I had a call today from one of my readers looking for a Deuce sedan body to build a delivery. He has a new Ardun engine ready to install and needs a body. As many of you know, I love Deuce sedans and keep track of those that are for sale. I told him that the McRae kit is the only way to go and that I would locate a body for him. I can’t believe how many sedan deliveries are being built today. The Deuce lives on in the minds of many long time and new fans of Henry’s most popular model. I will stick with my love for the sedan but I much prefer the 1940 Ford sedan delivery for my garage.

My old Deuce 3 window is back in town from the East coast and I plan to go down and see it this weekend. I owned the coupe on and off for over 25 years and finally sold it to Boyd to build one of his roadsters. The car is a high tech style car now and, of course, painted Boyd Red from the 80’s. Sometimes you wish you could have kept all of your hot rods but in my case that was not possible. The memory of my old black three window will always be with me as my son and I drove it all over the place. I know Ron will make it perfect again.

Remember, tomorrow is another day.

Stay Tooned!


Four doors make a nice family hot rod. The 112 inch wheelbase make the ride equal to the 40 Ford. I like the whitewalls with body color wheels.

Here is a closer look at the 38 woody from yesterday’s photos. Black and blonde wood looks very nice together.

Dave and the owner of this sedan shared the same garage in the early years of building their dreams. This is a very nice sedan with perfect paint.

After I moved to LA, I had the 3 window chopped by Steve Davis and proceeded to collect Deuces. I should have kept all of these cars. The center one is a chopped sedan I purchased from Frank Brown.

Another view of the coupe in Atlanta. The car was sold as just a body when I owned it. Gary still has it and this is a recent photo.

Here is a photo from 1970 when I first acquired the coupe. Note the hot flatty and Babb’s radiator.

Dave Lane is one talented builder and he outdid himself on Poteet’s delivery. Note double hump heads and valve covers. Maybe I could live with this orange engine.

Here is a more conservative engine approach which I like also. Again, painted orange.

Tim dressed his engine in a more modern but subtle look in his recent coupe build. Choices, choices, etc.

Today’s Old Flatty!

Steve had Vern build him the motor but Mike talked him out of it for his CMG coupe. The HRG did the conversion for Mike.

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