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My wife had a new outside light on her “Honey Do” list so I spent yesterday shopping, purchasing and installing the new light. I was busy drilling the holes when my neighbor came over and offered to help.  Before long, I had two neighbors helping with the installation. I live in a friendly place but normally not this friendly. We finished the job and I asked if they wold help me move Andre this weekend and they both volunteered which really surprised me. I think they like to see what I am working on as they both like cars. Neighbors with car projects and lots of tools are very nice to have when you don’t own a tool box which neither of these fellows do. Remember that, when the wife complains about all your tools in the garage. (Mine never complains unless I let it get dirty and disorganized…nah!)

Tonight is the NHRA Twilight Cruise night but I think I will pass. I am just tired of car shows right now and need a break for a couple of weeks. Del Mar is also this weekend and normally attracts lots of high end cars and tons of people. I can’t persuade my wife to go with me so I will have to read about the event in Goodguys Gazette in a few months or do the internet thing and read about it on Monday. Pepe is running great so all I need a little inspiration to head south. We will see what Friday brings.

Have you heard the saying, “Being in the right place at the right time?” I have been there a time or two but a friend of mine, who hangs at shops from time to time, fell into a wonderful Deuce chassis deal that he couldn’t pass up. Some of the shops prefer to start a customer’s car with a new modern chassis as they are far better and cheaper than converting the old one. When that decision is made, the next question is what to do with the old one. For us old timers, that’s when we want to be there to take away the old stuff. In CA having a stock chassis can really be a blessing, especially if it has a legible VIN and paperwork. The value of these chassis varies depending on condition from a few hundred to a several thousand dollars. I have seen them on ebay for over $10,000 but they never seemed to meet the reserve. They are out there so visit you local shop and tell them you are interested in the take off parts they have.

Stay Tooned!


Here is the cherry 5 window std coupe that is being made into a modern day street rod. An early high school Hot Rod with a sbc hooked to a stock drivetrain.

Unmolested chassis is complete with all parts except the engine. Please find a nice sedan body for this chassis and bring it to my house.

Seabright Hot Rods just finished this chassis and body for a customer. See… How many Deuce roadsters are being built across the world today? The cost of a build of the this quality can be staggering, ” But if you want one you gotta pay the price.”

Here is your classic Deuce hiboy that runs around town. The side pipes are a later style than I remember in my youth. We have at least 10  like this on in our town and several more under construction. When will it ever end?  – NEVER!

Here is our local donut shop cruiser that has been in this condition for many years. A 348 with a B&M hydro makes it a little different.

A good example of how not to build a late model street rod. This one is perfect as is and needs nothing. Simple is best for me.

I really prefer this style of Deuce hiboy roadster The plain hood sides were big in the 70’s — 80’s.

An all black engine compartment can be boring but this one has just enough silver to make it worth a second look.

You could build you a modern street rod like the one above, but keep it simple and clean.

Garage projects are always interesting to me. This one has been in the works for a while and has the early pure Hot Rod look.

Here is another one with an eastern flavor. The body looks to be in good shape. Do we every get them done or do we sell them and move on to another dream Hot Rod?

Today’s on the Road Photo!

I don’t think it gets much better than this and this is why they keep building Deuce hiboys. Take yours for a drive today.

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