Wednesday’s Rain

We were blessed with some rain today and while it kept the hot rods in the garage, no one was complaining. In fact, we celebrated the occasion by going to our normal lunch spot and sat outside to feel the dampness of the rain. As the song goes,” It never rains in Southern California,” but today was a rare exception and it has rained all day which put smiles on all of our faces. A rainy day is the time to spend in the garage and work on your Hot Rod. I seem to really accomplish some projects when not distracted by the normal sun shiny day in LA.

I managed to finish the front spring clamp pieces for the 34 front crossmember. I am not a fan of the U-bolts and like the simple plate and tabs to hold the spring in place. Fat Jack used to call them Tongue Plates and I always thought they looked right on his chassis. I am using a different approach but with the same result — no U-bolts required. I also solved my wishbones 2″ axle boss requirement by calling SO-CAL and discovering they offer their forged axle in both 2″ and 2 1/4″ bosses. In fact, they now offer a 48″ width with stock spring perch distance so you can use the longer spring. It may just be me, but I find the longer spring provides a smoother ride, if set up properly. I was satisfied with my progress today and while still raining I went for a walk to contemplate my next project on the chassis. I have made a list of what I am looking for so I can walk the aisles of the LARS Swap meet and locate some parts. A golf cart would be nice.

As the roadsters head to Pomona, the shops are preparing for their annual invasion of both owners and spectators who are interested in what’s going on with the latest builds; and components being offered. Stokers Hot Rod Factory will  host an Open House all day Thursday so you can come and go as you please. Terry and his son always have some interesting projects in their shop along with components for sale. Stop by and see them in Upland, CA.

Jane and I are making some dry runs for our next “Back Road Boys” trip in July. Yesterday we made the trip to the Wilson Observatory high atop the mountains above LaCanada. While a very scenic and winding road, the trip would be difficult for our group, so we enjoyed ourselves and will look for another destination. We have plenty of choices in the LA area.

For those of you on the road, drive safely as we need you to arrive for the show in good shape.

Stay Tooned!




The Balkan Deuce has been a favorite of mine for many years and now that it has been restored to perfection by Don, it pleases all who see the car.


Goodguys Hot Rod of the Year was presented to Keith Hill for his outstanding coupe built by Pinkee’s in CO.


The 37 Ford truck grille looks right at home on the little coupe.


The 37 Ford roadster was the last roadster built by ford and are a rare sight at events today. We have a couple that I know of but I’m sure there are more in the area.


The owner of this 33 roadster is 89 years old and still working on his Hot Rod. He is my idle as is his roadster. He should be driving it to the “Back to the 50’s” in MN this year.


From the Garage


I made these plates that fit on the front and back of the crossmember to hold the spring in place.


I have to fit and finish shaping the mount but you can see how they work and eliminate the U-bolts.

auburn dash insert 003

Dave just received his new Auburn steel dash insert that really is nice. He has installed an Auburn dash in his new Deuce sedan project.

wishbone 003

The insert will look real classy in his Deuce sedan. All parts are real.



Here is an example of how a 40 coupe should sit. I am not sure who owns this CMG beauty but he has the stance down perfect.


The boys in Ohio have the look and stance down to a science. You don’t see many solid hood sides but I love the look.


I love seeing the Deuce roadster in some new colors for a change. A Brizio and owner creation with lots of details that make it a winner.


Some scenery from the Field Trip to Mt. Wilson yesterday and the breathtaking views. The elevation is 7500 feet.

Wednesday’s Photo


Could this be Steve in High School with Mc’Coy’s flamed 40 sedan? Just kidding Steve!!!


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