Wednesday’s Quickchanges

I have not talked about quickchanges in a while, I still think they are a basic requirement for a roadster. Over the years I have collected, purchased and sold several QC’s. Until recently, I only would deal in new and used Halibrands. Halibrand’s history in racing and early Indy cars is well known and the true genius of the man who produced them. The Halibrand wheels were also a must have for the bucks up roadsters. I am still a fan of Halibrand products even though the current ownership has done very little to promote their heritage.

Winters has become the QC to purchase today and the company really promotes their products at most major events. The tapered housings for the V8 is a breakthrough for those enthusiast who can’t locate the early Ford bells and 9 inch bearing ends. I have a new Winters V8 with a 31 spline differential and early Ford housings. To me, this is the best look, but many younger folks prefer the aluminum ribbed side bells and straight 3 inch tubes. Whatever you like, you need to understand that the noise level in the cockpit is quite loud and after several hundred miles can cause you hearing loss for days. To help this problem, helical cut gears can be added to reduce the noise level. The problem with these gears is they want to push through the rear cover. Special spacers are used to prevent failure of the case and bearings.

Prices for the “Culver City” V8 unit can be quite high and the units are usually in need of repair. If you are not doing a period correct restoration or build save you money and purchase a new Winters. Service and parts availability make repairs easy. If you must have the Halibrand I would recommend you take someone with you that is knowledgeable about Halibrands and their know weak spots. Also, you Model A guys need a special unit for your axle housings as they are a different bolt circle and don’t have a pinion support. All V8 QC’s are very prone to breakage with late model engine HP and torque.

Lets look at some QC’s.

Stay Tooned!

This photo of Vern Tardells classic roadster tells it all. The natural finish V8 Halibrand fits perfect with a little notch in the gas tank.

Polished Winters QC with early Ford bells, reversed spring perches, Lincoln brakes and lots of detail are sure to get your heart beating faster.

Here is an early Halibrand going into the roadster in the background. Bob’O has a similar Culver City unit going into his model A project. Stock axles are the weak point. When the rear wheels start to click when you stop you need to replace the keys.

Some people prefer the Champ QC with the 10 inch ring gear. This happens to be a CAE Champ with side ribbed bells installed in a 32 sedan. I personally think the Champs are too large for a 32 ford. They look fine in a 34 Ford.

The Winters Champ has new side plates to use the early Ford housings. These units are really strong and look great. Bruce’s Rod Shop chassis. Most cars use the model A spring, but coil overs work find if desired.

This is BRS roadster chassis installed in the beautiful deuce roadster. Note size compared to Vern’s roadster. I shot this at the LARS a few years ago.

If possible pay the price for a NOS Halibrand V8 as you will save money in the long run. My friend Tom purchased one for $800 complete in the box. They are still out there.

Some people prefer this look on their dry lakes coupes. This is the RB coupe they built for Poteet. Look at all the neat old stuff on this chassis.

Another coupe with the Halibrand V8 unit installed. I would follow this car for miles to hear the whine.

Frank has a Winters in his 34 coupe and the spring is a little too stiff for a good ride. I think he may take out a couple of leaves and soften the ride. An 8BA powers this little hiboy coupe.

Today’s Quickchange…real thing in Petaluma

George has a new Dutchman Winters V8 unit is his new sedan delivery. Looks great too me.

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