Wednesday’s Problems

I have been working on making space for my new 48 Ford convert project. I knew I would have to move some things around to have room, but this is a major project in my garage. I have a dream 32 chassis on a jig with many parts and a 33 roadster project in two stalls. I have put the new chassis under the 33 and made room for the 48. Now the fun begins. I need help due to my weak back, and so the NSRA crowd came over and helped me do some lifting. I am now ready to unload the 48 and put it away for a later date.

The problem comes from the 48 not having any rear suspension, so I must attach some casters in order to roll it off the trailer. I plan to do that today, so by Friday I can enlist the help of the NSRA crew again. I am still working on the 33 but must focus on putting the 48 in the garage.

In the meantime, I am looking for 48 convert parts and building a dolly. Isn’t this fun?

Some photos from the past.

Stay Tooned!


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Before frame painted.


After frame painted, looks good except for some welding that was done by me on the frame…maybe some Raider stickers will hide the problem?

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