Wednesday’s Polar Vortex

The morning air was brisk as I headed out for my morning walk. I normally wear shorts but today I went back in a slipped on some long pants. We are being blessed with the “Polar Vortex” effect in LA this week. Temperatures have dropped to 72 during the day which is cool for roadster drivers. Pepe has a nice heater so I never worry about the cooler weather. The overcast skies with a threat of rain are a welcome sight to drought prone California. Some of our crowd have put their roadsters away and drug out their coupes and sedans for the remainder of the year.

My friends in MN are digging out their long johns, shovels and tractors to pave the wave to their hot rods. I know most of them will stay warm by the fireplace and spend a little more time reading the many hot rod publications that manage to be delivered to their mail box. Come visit us for the GNRS and hopefully we won’t have cold weather.

Enjoy the changing weather while we still can.

Stay Tooned!




Toppers was light today but Dave and Bob-O drove their cars during our Polar Vortex climate in LA. Dave thought it was a tad bit cold at 72 degrees but I didn’t need the heater on like some of the guys did. Pepe is warm inside with all his Dynamat insulation.


Bob-O drove his sedan as his Deuce wouldn’t start. It is nice to have a 40 sedan to back up the 5-window. He has a few more also just in case it really gets cold.


Pepe liked this photo and so did I. Mile deep paint and flames with Halibrands are all you need on your Forty.


Mike had Roy build him this Red Roadster and boy did he do a fantastic job. We all know there are red roadsters and then there are “RED ROADSTERS.” This is one of the best. It must have been hot as he has the Bop Top rear window open for ventilation.


I  sure like this sedan and it is showing up on several sites I visit. I think the color is what makes it stand out.


Roy built this 33 roadster for a customer back in the late 90’s and I was always attracted to car with its silver paint and Sid’s oxblood interior. The firs owner added a home built top for protection and added to the overall look.


Here is an updated photo of the sedan delivery I have for sale on my site. The car is a beauty and looking for a new home.


Joe Nitti built a beautiful Deuce hibooy that has stood the test of time. I have yet to see a clone but his would be a great one to copy. Pat built a smiliar one with a Cadillac engine and purple paint which is also a tribute to the Nitti car.


Henry, at Steadfast, builds some beefy Deuce chassis with lots of artistic flare. This should hold up even under the heaviest of right foot drivers.


Pat built this beautiful roadster over a period of years and I always have a second look at the great job he did. Some of the best in LA worked on this one including Pat.


Unlike Nitti’s roadster, Pat added the Auburn dash panel which is my favorite. The dash adds a touch of class to the cockpit and provides a little more leg room for the driver.


Another long time favorite of mine is this 34 hiboy roadster which in on the cover of the Throttle Merchants volume 5 which I received today. This is about as good as it gets when doing it like it was done in the day — mechanical brakes and all.


Sid picked up his award at the GG’s show in P-Town. I know I have a lot of favorites and this is another one. Could there be a Deuce 5-window in your future? You can buy a brand new body and have Roy build you a chassis.

Today’s New Publication


I love these publications and this one has some nice model 40’s from the LA area.

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