Wednesday’s Mouth Full

My wife and I spent this morning in the dentist office for our quarterly cleaning. We have been going to the same office for 18 years and Christmas time is like getting together with your family. His office is large with lots of professional people who make you feel good while they scrap away on what is left of your old teeth. Why is it the hygienist talks to you when she has 4 items stuck in your mouth and three impacted cotton balls in her hands to soak up the blood. He told me not to worry because he can replace any tooth with a new one. I feel he is like my service writers selling the customers on the line while waiting for service. We got out of there with enough money to purchase a scone and coffee at Whole Foods. I am just lucky that way! I love my dentist.

Hot Rods can have almost any part replaced with a new one from Brookville or Steve’s and the cost is not much more than having a crown installed. I think I should have studied Dentistry rather than engineering. I am grateful for the aftermarket companies who cater to Hot Rodders and hope they continue to supply those much needed parts when I require them. I wish SAR would have continued the 3 window coupe but the demand wasn’t there. Brookville on the other hand, seems to sell large quantities of the 3 window version of Henrys Deuce coupe. I guess the Deuce will continue to be the top gun until all of us old guys are too old to drive.

The Malibu Woody parade is Sunday and will end up at the Malibu Market on Cross Creek road. Each year this event officially closes the woody activities for the year. Drive over to the Malibu Market and see some beautiful Wooden Wagons.

Enjoy the season and be sure to leave some cookies (scones are better) for the man in the red suit.

Stay Tooned!



The Back Road Boys were at lunch today and we are enjoying our sunny 75 degree weather while it lasts.


One reader sent along his photo of a nicely done “Fat Girl”. I suspect air ride on this lowered one.


How about a pair of chopped Mercurys. Nice metal work on these gems.


Another model 40 with an aluminum hardtop and DuVall windshield. I like the painted grille shell also.

silver1933 021

By contrast this Brizio built 33 looks good with the chrome grille. Which do you prefer?


Cory, a young builder in Detroit, has built some nice roadsters over the past couple of years. Note the 3 window glove boxes inserted in the dash. The old SW gauge panel looks right at home in the reworked dash.


Looks like another Ardun equipped flathead in this nice roadster. I don’t know anymore about this one, but I am sure someone will chime in here and help us out. I love the color of the exterior and interior. I wonder how comfortable those seat are!


This car deserves another photo of the passenger side. Note the wheels and hood straps.


These two icons need no introduction if you have been around for awhile. Jake is a top notch fabricator with lots of neat ideas on how a Hot Rod should look. Here are two examples of his handy work.


The Deuce 3 window continues to be a very desirable car to build your dream as shown in this photo. This is the season for car shows.


Dave has acquired a nice mor-door to add to his collection of Deuces. I suspect Dale pushed him to purchase the mor-door as this is the year for the MD Deuce. The maroon sedan on the left is one of my favorite sedans.

Christmas Special – Day 3


A beautiful photo from Matt showing a snow covered mor-door Deuce.

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