Wednesday’s Model 40’s

Just as most of us have a love affair with a certain hot rod style and have tunnel vision with regards to other styles — I too possess that same syndrome. I have owned 25 or more Deuces since 1965, numerous 1940 Fords, several 1946-8 Ford convertibles and woodies, but I always seem to bling sided by Ford’s model 40. I am not sure why I feel this way, but there is something about the profile of the coupes and roadsters that bring out the dormant juices in my hot rod blood. For example, when the California Kid was first introduced along with ZZ Top’s Eliminator I was hooked immediately on the model 40. I am not a stock profile kind of guy so the chopped roof makes me smile and restorers cry. The sedans need to stay stock height with a nice rake. Roadster’s, of course, are easy to chop and look good with a low lid and slanted back windshield. The DuVall is still my favorite windshield for the roadster, especially when combined with the 33 grille and hood. Laid back is what Boyd used to call the look. He built many show winners in all three categories.

The scarcity of these models, especially roadsters, makes it tough to start a project without first having a body. SAR tried to bring the beautiful body styles back in steel but the demand was just not there. I believe they still sell panels for the roadster but I have not seen a roadster for a long time. Wescott makes a super nice body and probably is the best and least expensive way to go if you want a model 40.

Father’s Day is not that far away and hundreds of roadster will again invade LA to enjoy the greatest roadster show on earth. Don’t miss it, plan now and prepare your roadster for the road trip of your life.

Stay Tooned!




The 34 roadster makes a nice “roomy” car for those that require some additional leg room. You don’t see these everyday and I personally like them better than the Deuce for many reasons. The difficult part is obtaining a steel version as opposed to the FG versions. Not only are they harder to locate but they are filled with an inner wood structure that should be replaced with steel. This one is a FG Deuce Customs body that is super strong and well built.


Kevin has put many miles on his Wescott hiboy 34 roadster with chassis by Pete Eastwood. Again, this simpler version is easy to build and as long as you can locate a decent original frame — can be registered without any hassle. I have built three using original chassis and would like to find another chassis for my next one.


Dick has one of the first hiboy versions that I can remember. He has installed fenders but this version is what started the fire in my garage.


Richard keeps the patina look alive with his classic early looking 34 roadster he purchased from Don Thelan many years ago.


This view provides a look at the exposed gas tank like a Deuce and nice rake. He is a member of the PRC.


The dashboards provide a glove box which is a nice feature in a roadster. Note the new wood in the doors. The top tack strip is also shown which is rarely seen on today’s roadsters.


R&C cover car is shown here after several thousand miles of the road. Ray drives his roadster hard and uses a stock chassis modified by Roy along with a Gibbon body.


Cornhusker can build you a nice steel version is you prefer. He builds the chassis and complete roller packages.


His chassis’s are under a lot of hot rods on the road today. Gary know chassis construction and how to make them drivers.


Mike is looking for something in the trunk of his nice 33 roadster with the 37 truck grille.


I have been following this build on the HAMB and find the workmanship to be excellent. His thinking on this stock chassis with torsion bars is uncommon but very clever and should provide an good ride.


Here is another approach which is more traditional for you guys that like to bounce around on a Model-A rear spring.


Using a stock frame makes construction easier than starting with ASC rails but you must deal with the pitting found in most old frames. Fast fill primer makes short work of small pits and bondo takes care of the big ones.

Roy's 12-23-2014 023

The standard of the industry is the Ford 9 inch with P&J ladder bars. You can use coil-overs or a stock spring with this set up. Both work well it just depends on your build style.

carter 089_std

I love QC’s but they require some modifications to the floors which robs trunk space.


Joe built his with a complete package from Downs and put on ddmucho miles prior to his passing. Louie is carrying on the tradition by driving it across country and back.


If you have an unlimited budget then go for the Speed 33 body and RS chassis. These cars are very road worthy and still maintain the traditional look.


Everything is reproduction and looks good on the front of the Speed 33.


Here is the same front end with everything original Ford. The difference is only known to those who have to ask.

 Wednesday’s Blue Light Special


Cover car of this month’s SRM is Ted’s original roadster built by Keith at the Austin Speed Shop. Kent Fuller use to own the original body and chassis.

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