Wednesday’s Model 40 Fans

Toppers Pizza turnout was light today. I think we are all burned out on car shows for the near future. Dave brought in the new issue of Rodding USA which had a feature on Frank Brown’s collection of Deuces. Frank has all the toys and then some. He always seems to know where the cars are hidden away and when they become available he purchases them. I purchased my chopped tudor sedan from him back in the middle 80’s. He is known for locating rust free cars and sometimes with some history. Pick up a copy of Rodding USA and enjoy the article as well as several other Deuces Paul has captured.

I have been taking too many naps since I returned from the Bay area and now need to get back in the grove. While resting in my favorite recliner, I browsed through the new mega page Bob Drake catalog I picked up at the LARS. If you love old Fords, then you need to keep this reference manual close by your favorite recliner. I particularly enjoyed reading about the 80th Anniversary of the 34 Ford which is my favorite old Ford. I know when the Deuce turned 80, celebrations were held at the Petersen and they had a great turnout. I don’t know why the model 40 doesn’t command respect or have the following of the Deuce but no one seems to really be into these cars. The Deuce Club is huge and almost all events have a special parking section for the cars. If you ask Walker what is the most popular radiator he sells, he will tell you – the Deuce. SO-CAL built an empire on producing parts for the Deuce chassis. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Deuce also and have owned over 25 in my young age. Maybe I like the model 40 for the additional room, longer wheelbase and the fact that you are not driving what everyone else does. I think my friends Walt and Dave have the answer – Own one of each and enjoy them while you still can.

I received a wonderful email today from Alan who used to own Pepe back in the 90’s. He still has the steel wheels he took off and is sending them to me so I can install them on the car. You old timers will remember that early International pickups (1950s) had and early Ford style wheel (slots) with a 4 1/2 bolt circle. Gary had acquired several sets of these and used them on the delivery. Now I have to determine what color they should be or just leave them maroon. I want to thank Alan for his generosity to help me put the car back to the original build specs. The paint shop will be repairing the rear door this week and I hope we don’t find any surprises.

Stay Tooned!


Tom is sure enjoying his 33 roadster and had a primo parking spot at SO-CAL’s open house. This car drives like a new Cadillac.

Dennis’s Moal built 33 and Santa Claus’s 34 were two of the Bay Area Roadsters club’s entries in this years LARS.

Ray installed a new interior in Lucy and painted the dash to make it his car. Nice job Ray!

Adam’s Rod Shop in GA, sure has the look down pat in their roadsters. Steve would look good in this one. Note the nice crisp rear fender reveals you get on a glass body versus the flat quarters on a Brookville. Is that the dies fault?

Early Saturday morning someone knew I loved the 33 roadster and did me a big favor by parking next to me. Should I remove the flames on Pepe? The wife loves them.

Walt likes flames too and they make the red “Pop” when going down the road.

Squeeg’s Hot Rod Connection built a nice American Graffiti style car with and Ardun equipped flathead engine.

He had this charming 40 pickup on display for all of us to drool over. Note the super stance on this Un-chopped pickup.

He built this over the top 40 pickup for one of his customers. I think this is the nicest one I have seen in a long time. It would be a shame to cover up the chromed rear suspension which looks like the old Boyd set up.

A Roush Ford motor was detailed to the max as was all of the engine compartment.

Harold had his Thelan built 46 Woody in his CW Moss booth. This is one of the first woodies I recall seeing when I moved to LA.

The 35 roadster makes a nice ride when done like this. Simple but regal in appearance and style.

Wednesday’s Model 40!

A very clean “Age Appropriate” 34 sedan would be Gary’s choice for a nice ride. I agree!

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