Wednesday’s Inspiration

All of us are inspired at one time or another by someone we meet and today for me, it was Carl, who is starting a Deuce sedan delivery project at age 82. He called me a last week and was looking for a tudor sedan to install his new Ardun motor. I put the word out and received several leads, one of which Carl fell in love with. He is not computer savvy but I was able to print some photos for him and he came over and picked them up today. He is going strong and is as enthusiastic as ever about hot rods. I showed him my project delivery and he liked it. He told me to finish it. That was all I needed to be inspired today. I often think I am too old to be doing this but really it is all in your state of mind whether you are motivated to work on your car or have coffee at the “Office”. After he left, I finished welding the holes in the firewall (31 in all) and cut some more patches for the floor.

My article on the perfect pair, an open and closed car, is about to come true for one of my readers. He has a chance to acquire a done roadster in trade for his unfinished closed car. I can’t think of better deal at this stage of his life. Two done cars with money left over to purchase another project. Remember Carl. I know there is no cure for the sickness but maybe a couple of done cars will reduce the pain.

Remember, inspiration need not come from someone else. You can become inspired by seeing a beautiful executed hot rod of your dreams or if you are a dreamer like me you can simple dream about it. Dreams do come true to those who are inspired.

Stay Tooned!


Carl fell in love with this rust free sedan from Dave. The car was complete minus engine and was a bargain for an all steel complete sedan.

Jason also has a nice body that could be anything you want it to be. I should step up for this one. If you have any interest let me know.

For  a few bucks more you could own this rust free running 5 window. High School Hot Rod.

I kind of like this nice SBC dressed up for show. The red clear plastic (?) lines bring back memories. Note that the small starter and the battery cable can cause problems with the exhaust pipe. The header will also cause extreme heat on the solenoid unless covered.

I hope this SO-CAL clone will be back in CA soon. Mike has a winner in his garage.

Deuce deliveries have been around for a long time. Henry made them from a sedan and so can you. McRae has the kit you need for the conversion and Kemp can make it happen.

This builder installed the door but left the rear window stock like a flower car.

From the front it looks like a stock sedan. I like the color.

Today’s New Style Roadster!

Rich had his 33 built at the Roadster Shop and then shipped it West. These bodies are really nice and expensive to build but look fantastic when complete.

Here is the car back home and standing tall. He is looking for opinions on the wheels and tires. I like the look. The front will drop a couple of inches when the motor and trans are installed. I would also like this car with WheelSmith wire wheels.

The rear end is really nifty with the exhaust system up out of the way. Note the neat rear pan.

A rear view shows the nice stance on the roadster. The rear will also come down when the driveline is installed. This will be one sweet hiboy roadster. It is second in line after his Dearborn Deuce is completed. Maybe he needs a place to store it.



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