Wednesday’s Heaters

The window was rolled up tight but the vent window was open which allowed the cool air to blow on my legs. I was headed to the Valley for some supplies this cool morning and decided I would turn on the heater as it had not been used in several months. To my surprise, within a few minutes the warm air from the vents quickly warmed up the cockpit in Pepe’s spacious interior. I had the blower on high as well as the heat range and soon had to reduce the settings. You roadster guys are jealous but Steve Moal and Vintage Air have a solution for you. The available, heater only, will warm that roadster up even on the coldest day. Moal’s has the Gucci cover for you high end fellows but the plain version can be installed also. Heaters have become very popular in recent years and are being installed in all types of hot rods. If you don’t think they are traditional, then you have never seen the hole riddled firewalls of 30’s and 40’s cars. Dealers installed these units as it was also very cold back in the day and a heater was required. Dealer parts and service departments did quite well with aftermarket sales.

Today, old vintage heaters command a nice sum at swap meets across the country. Many are used as reconditioned heaters and some are used as storage units for stereo’s and A/C vents. Now, a Deuce gets crowded in the leg room area but when a Moal style heater is installed under the dash they really put out sufficient heat and take up little of the valuable floor space. I prefer the Vintage style heater if you are just going for the looks. For my readers in the snow country, maybe now is the time to add the heater to your hot rod while the snow is falling. Think Spring!

The NHRA Twilight Cruise is tomorrow night and usually attracts a large crowd. It is Christmas, so remember to bring a toy for the children…it will make you feel good and put you in the holiday spirit. The Malibu Woody Cruise is also on Sunday and will conclude on the Malibu Pier which is always a fun place to view the Woodies and beautiful Pacific ocean. The year ends with lots of wonderful memories of the good times my wife and I have had attending events in our hot rod. I hope you will take time to reflect back on some of your good times this past year. A special thanks to Walt and Lorraine for letting us tag along.

Stay Tooned!

Here is the Moal heater installed in a Deuce roadster. Trust me these units will keep you warm as you drive the PCH over the holidays.

Here is an exploded view of the Moal heating unit. The heater is simple but very functional in any hot rod due to the design.

Gary installed the correct 40 style heater in his woody to keep him warm on those early morning drives to Santa Cruz. Larry Kaplan sells the stripes and front stainless strips.

John had Steve install his swap meet find in his stunning roadster. I hear these are real expensive upgrades.

Dave installed one in his roadster and there is still room for your feet if you are not too tall. “Ultra Deluxe”.

Gary also installed one in Tom’s roadster which has lots of leg room.  Inexpensive auto parts store heater painted fits perfectly under the dash.

The 46-48 Ford heater makes a nice unit for your A/C or stereo components. They also work fine as a heater and are compact in design.

Walt has his stereo hidden in the heater which looks and works great.

I am partial to the 40 Ford style heater. I have been restoring this one for some future project where I just need a heater like in a Woody or roadster. These can be pricey at swap meets ($400 +) if complete and restored.

The heaters are also correct for a 1939 Ford as shown here. The correct color is Hammertone silver with red stripes.

Andy installed the popular Southwind unit in his car along with the VA unit. I am not sure what he installed inside the case…maybe nothing.

I wonder if Rodger has one in his classic model 40 convert. I love this one and he drove it from MO to the LARS. Are you coming for the 50th?

If you are a coupe owner and don’t have the VA unit then you may want to add a heater only for your comfort. Nice looking 5 window and seldom seen at today’s events.

Wednesday’s Holiday Choice!

Plenty of room for all the presents Santa is going to bring my family and friends.

Pepe likes this one the best as black and flames are kind of his style. Great photos by PhotoV/8 graphy.


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