Wednesday’s Heat

Heat is a good thing in moderation but very hard on most things, including humans, when it goes above 100 degrees.  I waited until afternoon yesterday and installed the new ground strap on Ruby.  Laying under a car at my age is no fun.  You use muscles you haven’t used in a long time and your body reminds you to get in shape and stay there if you want to continue to do this type of work.  The installation was straight forward as I used and existing bolt in the transmission mount and the bolt on the starter to hook up the ground cable.  NAPA has them all made up with nice ends for 3/8 bolts.  I routed the cable as far from the exhaust as possible and re-routed the positive cable farther away from the manifold.  My first test indicated that the engine, when hot, started faster with the new ground cable hooked to the starter and frame. Ron Francis states you should hook the ground directly to the starter not the frame due to resistance build up with paint, joints and other leaks.  I will try this for another day or so to see if the car continues to start when hot.  I hope to install the phenolic carb spacer today.  A good diagnosis is important prior to replacing the whole system.  My doctor tells me that all the time.

I was surfing Craigslist last night when I received a call from Bob O, who was headed to his place at Big Bear, and he was all excited about locating a 40 tudor sedan on his trip to the mountains.  It seems his grandson saw the car on his way back from the cabin and called Bob.  Bob stopped and looked the car over and purchased it within a few minutes.  He is going to pick the car up on Monday and I will tag along for the photos and story. I love the hunt, inspection and purchase of old cars.

Stay Cool and Tooned!


Clean design and traditional looks make for a classic in my mind.  Barry could build them like this all day long.

The 331 Cadillac fits in the 40 engine bay but is tight.  The duel quad set up is hard to come by.  Bob O may want to do one of these this time around.  Wilcap makes the adapter for a 350 turbo.

Yesterday I showed you the $$$$ flathead and today the $ Cadillac motor in the same body style Ford.  The choice is yours and your wallet although these motors can be pricey to purchase.

Here is a good photo of “Girlie’s” engine compartment. Note the passenger side where the hoses, battery and kill switch are located.  The convenience of this set up when something goes wrong on the road is worth considering when building you car. Note Gary used the correct size cable for the battery connection ( o/1) welding cable works perfect and while not required in the short distance it is a good safety item for hot days. The hoses are for a heater not A/C which Bob wants now.

Sunshine, my old delivery shows up at the NHRA cruise quite often.  She sure looks good now with all the paint and bodywork completed.  I hunted those 5 spokes for over a year.  They are the real deal with 5 1/2 inch bolt pattern.  Bill bead blasted them to keep them from leaking.

Too Tall has the perfect roadster with the most sought after dash and insert you can install in a Deuce. Someone makes the dash as they are hard to locate for a reasonable amount of money.  Pat has all the good stuff in his roadster.

Pat also drove his car while working on it.  Here is the photo of the Cadillac motor and partial paint job when it was in the “Suede Palace” a few years ago.

In the finished form he has one of the nicest early style cars around.  Joe Nitti would approve of this car.

Sid of “Bop Top” fame stopped in for a cold one on his trip with the Deuces.  This is one fine Deuce 5 window and a keeper.

Today’s Find….not dreaming!

When you find one in this condition even though you don’t like the firewall and IFS you need to purchase it if the price is right.  All the body work was completed and ready for paint.  The price was under $8K.  Even if you don’t like everything you can change it back and still be way ahead of the game.

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