Wednesday’s Heat Wave

The “Heat Continues” is the story for today’s blog. Yesterday was 108 degrees at my house and the extreme heat will be with us for a while longer according to our weatherman. I pulled the front cover off Pepe’s grille and looked at where I could install a pusher fan. The first observation is there are two extra coolers (transmission & A/C) installed there which makes adding a pusher not a wise choice. I would have to relocate the transmission cooler to make room for an electric fan. I decided that I needed to investigate the wisdom of the installation a little more before adding the pusher. Checking the various sites for information, I soon discovered that a pusher fan is not a good idea if you have room on the engine side for a puller fan. I do have room if I remove the engine driven fan and shroud and install a Cooling Components fan or a similar brand. I have always preferred the engine driven fan the best for dependability and looks but I can’t afford take any chances  with the expensive engine. I will take it over to Fred’s and see what he wants to do. Our freeways always present a problem for a Hot Rod, but when the temperatures are in the three-figures it is best to solve the problem prior to heading out again. More later……

We move from roadsters to the other Ford that I love so much — the 1940 Ford. The Forties Limited hold their traditional Forty Ford Day this Sunday at LaPalma Park in Anaheim. Due to some previous commitments, I have missed the last couple of years, but plant o go this year. Pepe will not make the trip due to heating problems in this weather. There will be plenty of 40 Fords to look at when visiting the park. I think they usually have 100 or more in attendance which is about all I can look at in a few hours. I know traffic will be horrendous but that’s o.k. as the memories of the beautiful 40’s will help the time pass on the long trip home. An excellent way to remove some of the roadster blood and replenish with some fresh thoughts. It promises to be hot so arrive early.

I will try to provide some photos of the electric fan install when I get started on another Hot Rod project in the garage.

Keep Cool!

Stay Tooned!



The park fills up fast and includes other years on the far side of the park.


Always my favorite are the convertibles like this one. Plain, nice paint, nice rake and late model drivetrain.


I like this one for the clean looks and regal appearance.


The 40/41 Ford truck is a real popular model with Forty lovers.


The 41 truck is popular also with the waterfall hood emblem.


Coupes are the most popular and come in all flavors. Folkstone Gray is a nice color on the coupe.


Many old coupes with black plates show up and I really look them over.


The roomy sedan is always popular also and provide a family vehicle for the kids or grandkids.


Tim built a super nice standard sedan for a customer using all of his tricks.


The 40 Woody is the Creme de la creme of Woodies for me. This is a Tim Bedford build so you know it is nice.


Here is another Woody that has more of a Hot Rod look with the Halibrands — take your choice.


Here is the 41 delivery with large diameter wheels which are popular today.


More traditional, and my style, are the painted steelies on this 40 delivery.


The SBC is the most popular engine in a 40. Clean OEM appearance is my favorite. Orville!


Art Chrisman built flathead is as good as it gets in a 40.


Many are switching to the LS series Chevrolet engines for performance reasons.


Pepe has the Ingelese EFI which works flawlessly.


Under seat wiring in this Wheeler built 40 truck was very neat and tidy.


Just to keep you Deuce guys happy Poor Boys usually brings over one of his Deuces for us to drool over.

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