Wednesday’s Heat

Heat, heat and more heat. I can’t see how people stand to live in the 100 + degree weather for long periods of time. I visited Frantic today and he and Dave were hard at it in his air conditioned shop and it was still in the 90’s. We have no relief in site for a week or so and I think I will move to the beach where it is a little cooler.

I have Curvy in Fred’s for some work on the air suspension and four bar bushing replacement. It is essential to keep these components in proper working order so you don’t have any break downs on the road. Bob-O made it back from B’ville without any problems so I am learning from him. Preventive maintenance on your car and your own body are good for longevity. I also will have to say that if possible add A/C to your build and enjoy the trip in comfort.

I have been keeping in touch with the team putting the Medley coupe back together for a nice presentation in P-Town in a couple of weeks. They are running tight on time but will make it and we can see Tom’s face on Saturday night at the fairgrounds. He is lucky to have such a dedicated team as HR&CS in Escondido making sure the final product is perfect. Randy can make it happen.

I will be resting most of this week and trying to keep cool while working in the garage.

Stay Tooned & Cool!


Mariani has a new 34 car this year and it is beautiful. Note the streamline cockpit and roll cage cover.

SO-CAL is installing an Ardun motor for a customer that Art Chrisman built. Estimated cost is rumored to be $125k.

Here is an unchopped sedan hiboy for sale on HRHL. $72K is the price and probably worth it.

The classic tudor sedan resto-rod of the 80’s is  still is very popular with Deuce guys.

My friend Myron is looking for a project truck like this beauty. I suspect air ride on this one. These trucks are plentiful in the LA area.

Tim likes the new look of his tires and wheels on his 40 coupe. I love the white walls but I don’t like the cleaning part. He added the stripe which really sets off the wheels.

Just as a reminder this is what Andre looked like when I found him abandoned in a storage lot for 30 years.

He cleaned up real good but needed several baths to take the rat smell out of the interior.

The new WheelSmith 15 x 7 wheels with a 4 inch backspace work perfect in the shallow wheel housing on the delivery. I used a 225 x 70 15 BFG and they fit perfect.

Today’s Photo!

I love this classic photo someone sent me. Touring the countryside and stopping at places of interest seems to really be my thing lately. I guess with all the turmoil in the world today, I find solitude in the seat of a hot rod… driving or just a passenger. Plan your trips to have some fun while you still can.


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